Gavin DeGraw’s New Video is the Most Lesbo-Centric NON-LESBIAN Video of All Time

Yesterday I was sitting around watching VH1  on mute, so all of a sudden I see Gavin DeGraw’s face and I’m about to change the channel when I notice that the video seems super gay and therefore mildly interesting.

There’s a lady doctor and a lady firefighter and some other random businesswoman being oddly sexual at the workplace like opening their mouths and tilting their heads back for no reason and while I’m waiting for them to bang I realize that they’re not lesbians, they’ve just seen Whip-It one too many times and want to knock each other out on a roller derby rink.
Basically, as I’d expected, the video is super cliche, just in a different way. It also doesn’t star Juliette Lewis OR Ellen Page and is therefore a complete waste of my time.

Amanda Bynes Sent to Hospital for Playing With Fire

Amanda bynes fireEvery era has its great mystery. In the late 1800s there was Jack The Ripper, then much later, the Black Dahlia, Amelia Earhart and the Zodiac.

Now there’s Amanda Bynes, who is technically still alive but in worse shape than your average rat-eating, street-pooping hobo.

Last night she literally walked into some bitches’ driveway and started a fire. Seriously, TMZ has pictures of the very minimal damage.

Not so minimal is the damage the poor woman who owns the driveway suffered when she saw Amanda Bynes hunched over a lighter in front of her house making duck face and talking to herself.

Back to what I was saying about mysteries. Why was she lighting a fire? Was she cold? Does one of her personalities know she’s a witch and that flames usually kill them?
jennifer lawrence hair on fire gif
Was she always crazy or did she become crazy after she “retired” from acting? Was the crazy just lingering since forever and if so, what triggered it? What’s the cure?  Continue reading “Amanda Bynes Sent to Hospital for Playing With Fire”

I’ll Take My Sunblock Without The Side Of HELLFIRE Please

Queue the ‘banana don’t” jokes – a man in Massachusetts was severely burned while attending to his barbecue briquettes after applying spray-on Banana Boat sunscreen.

Seconds after the man (Brett Sigworth) rubbed it on his body, the flames went up his arm, back and neck. “I went into complete panic mode and screamed,” he told CBS Boston. “I’ve never experienced pain like that in my life.”

Sigworth is not suing the company, only wishing that they’d put clearer labels on their product which says “flammable, don’t use near heat, flame or while burning.”  Continue reading “I’ll Take My Sunblock Without The Side Of HELLFIRE Please”

Rihanna Fired Jay-Z

Rihanna is reportedly firing Jay-Z, her mentor and supposed “discoverer,” after complications arose with Jay’s company RocNation.

She is in the midst of suing her “official” manager’s sister, over issues with a crappy leaky house that she bought for $7 million dollars.

Now with Beyonce and Jay-Z looking to expand their “empire,” with Beyonce as the focal point (especially since she’s pregnant) Rihanna is looking to make a clean break from Jay-Z. Continue reading “Rihanna Fired Jay-Z”

Brad Pitt And Kate Winslet Like To Save People

On the set of Brad Pitt’s new zombie movie, World War Z (also starring Bryan Cranston and Matthew Fox) an extra was on the verge of being trampled during a chaotic scene. So what did Brad Pitt/Achilles do? He scooped her up and prevented her from getting her head crushed like a sunflower in a hamster’s mouth.

Apparently, there were around 700 zombie/human survivor extras running down the street in Glasgow, Scotland and several suffered broken bones and severe bruising.

So it looks like he didn’t save everybody. Geez Brad way to only save one lady and not help everyone at once. What were you thinking?

Continue reading “Brad Pitt And Kate Winslet Like To Save People”