22 Firefighters Deliver Tourist From Vagina Statue

german vagina statue It took a multitude of completely unamused German firefighters to deliver one teen exchange student from a vagina-shaped sculpture after his friends urged him to climb inside for a photo-op.

No medical attention was needed, as there is no definitive cure for embarrassment. Seriously, this kid is going to be known as “vagina boy” until the end of time.

Girls he dates are going to think he’s one of them, and even after he’s adopted a new identity and is peering over a newspaper in Groucho glasses like someone from a 1950s spy movie, passersby are going to do a double take, pull up this photo from Imgur and chase him down the street yelling “It’s totally you!!!”

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On Duty L.A. Firefighters Participated In Porn, With Fire Trucks

NBC4 L.A. has confirmed that a handful of firefighters in Los Angeles are in hot water after possibly being involved in multiple porn films.

Firemen in both Venice and Hollywood are under scrutiny after several trucks that belonged to the department were spotted in adult films. The one in Venice Beach was identified as Engine 263 and in Hollywood, Engine 41. Both were used as backdrops for “actresses” performing sexual acts, in reality-style footage...

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