Rebecca Black Pours Corn Syrup in Our Eardrums With ‘Friday’ Follow-Up

Rebecca Black Saturday phoneYou and Rebecca Black might have more in common than you think. Like you, she’s still trying to get “Friday” out of her head. This according to lyrics from her new song, “Saturday.”

At 16, she’s three years older than you remember her, but, as you know, this age difference isn’t terribly noticeable in terms of maturity.

She’s still referencing her old song (“gotta have my bowl”), partying “all night” and wondering where the peanut butter and some guy’s pants have gone.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as catchy as “Friday” and probably won’t spawn as many awesome parodies. 

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Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’ Sequel Due Sept. 24

Doctor Sleep Stephen KingStephen King is currently putting the finishing touches on a sequel to one of his most iconic novels ever. Over 36 years later, 1977’s The Shining will see a follow-up titled Doctor Sleep on September 24, 2013.

The book will focus on middle-aged Daniel “Danny” Torrance. Still haunted by his past at the Overlook Hotel as a five-year-old, Dan has moved to a town in New Hampshire and sustains a job at a hospice center. There he befriends a preteen girl who, like him, was born with gift of telepathy and precognition.

Torrance is faced with protecting her from a cult of evil men who seek out and harm children who “shine” for their own personal gain.

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