Chanel pays Brad Pitt $7 million dollars to cock tease women

What do you do with male sex symbols who have passed their sexual peak and reside in pussy-whipped village? Woman’s fragrance commercials. (see Timberlake for Givenchy)

In this series of short teasers, Brad asks “mysterious” questions like “What’s the mystery?” and “Are you going somewhere? … Where?”  Continue reading “Chanel pays Brad Pitt $7 million dollars to cock tease women”

Milla Jovovich’s Windy Bum-Flash Moment

Milla Jovovich, famous for nude scenes in movies, can add [almost] public nakedness to her resume.

The actress/model/singer/zombie-murderess was in New York filming an Avon perfume commercial when she suffered a momentary Marilyn Monroe moment circa The Seven Year Itch .

This is more modern, a little more exposure and some kind of string underwear that is barely visible instead of Marilyn’s high-waisted garment that Katy Perry would call “a long pair of shorts.”

Milla’s also got a new album coming out (she released her first, The Divine Comedy in 1994) and we can expect it in early fall plus a video in July for the single “Electric Sky” which will be available on iTunes May 19.  Continue reading “Milla Jovovich’s Windy Bum-Flash Moment”

Adam Levine’s New Cologne + Christina’s Booming Laughter

These days, it’s bizarre when a celebrity DOESN’T have a scent. Now Adam Levine of The Voice/Maroon 5 is launching a fragrance called “222,” which is already the name of his clothing/instrument/whatever line.

I always wonder what these things are going to smell like, but then I remember that they all smell the same. I mean, Britney Spears’ Fantasy was pure sugar/cotton candy and Paris Hilton’s are unsurprisingly fruity and surprisingly not gross. I’ve smelled Usher’s junk (not that junk) and I can’t tell the difference between that and a knockoff from Payless.  Continue reading “Adam Levine’s New Cologne + Christina’s Booming Laughter”

Beyonce’s Fetus Is A Diva, Dislikes Jay-Z’s Aroma

Beyonce, who revealed she was pregnant during the tail end of August, admits that she is turned off by the way he smells. Yes, Beyonce’s fetus is already shaping up to be a huge diva.

The former Destiny’s Child singer revealed that Jay-Z’s odor is repellent to her now, while promoting her new perfume, Pulse:

“I smell everything. If it smells bad, I smell it. My husband’s fragrance, his one that I always love, I hate right now. So thank God I have this one!”

I wonder if this is one of those momentarily reversals, like if being pregnant caused her to dislike Jay-Z’s cologne suddenly, maybe it also caused her to enjoy smells that she formerly hated?…

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Snooki Wanted To Be Doused In Pickle Juice

August 30, 2011 Jersey Shore cast member Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi visited the Jay Leno show and casually explained how she nearly decided to have her new perfume smell exactly like pickles.

Remember those Lay’s Pickle Chips that seem a little elusive these days? It would be like when you eat those chips and the pickle dust gets all over your hands. Or like a pickle juice shower? One I imagine Britney Spears taking during pregnancy.

Snooki axed the idea after she realized that it was ‘gross’ and “Smelled like pickles and grass,” deciding instead to go with “Flirty and bubbly…and obviously DTF.” (Like her personality)

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