Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [10-27-12]

Supermodel Joanna Krupa would rather go naked for PETA and $ than wear fur. (Celebuzz)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson laugh and kiss and hide from photographers. (Us Weekly)

I really don’t know how I feel about cornrowed Conan O’Brien. (ohmyGAHH!)

Britney’s mom calls Sam Lufti a “puppet master.” (Huffington Post)

Kids tell Pippa Middleton that they “hate princesses” and “like vampires.” (Evil Beet)

Lil’ Wayne gives the thumbs up after being hospitalized for seizures. (TMZ)

And here’s the 21-year-old guy who may or may not be dating Joe Simpson. (Radar)

Elisha Cuthbert is in the new Gaslight Anthem music video “Here Comes My Man.” (Stereogum)

PETA Calls Out Lady Gaga’s Fur And Rihanna’s Snakeskin

If there’s one organization that goes about everything the wrong way, it’s PETA.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sometimes seem more interested in drawing attention to themselves and pointing fingers at celebrities than helping the wild, feathered and furred.

PETA’s latest beef (or tofu) is with the snakeskin boots Rihanna wore last week, and Lady Gaga‘s closet full of fur coats. The extremists called the two pop stars “freaks.”

“Wearing reptile skin is creepy and callous, and it makes her look even more out of touch. She and Lady Gaga seem so desperate to be freaks instead of recognized for their talents that you have to wonder if they realize that they are being laughed at,” PETA told the Daily Express.  Continue reading “PETA Calls Out Lady Gaga’s Fur And Rihanna’s Snakeskin”

Snooki Always Wears Furry Boots And I 100% Encourage It

I watch Jersey Shore pretty religiously, it’s a sickness of epic proportions that the whole country seems afflicted with. I’ve noticed during my many hours spent with my unhinged deer-eyes glued to the screen that the miniature Chilean volcano Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi only wears furry boots!

I am here to inform all women that do not meet the 5’4″ height requirement to wear furry boots at all times! Black ones, brown ones, white ones, yellow, whatever you can get your little smokies on.

I find it very cute and endearing and I want to hire you furry-footed midgets to stand in my living room as decoration while I watch Jersey Shore and you read me archived scripts from JS.


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