Brittney Griner To Model Gender-Neutral Nike Clothing

Brittney Griner nikeIn case you were living under a rock on Mars for the past year, Brittney Griner is this incredibly tall awesome woman basketball player who dates other women and wears bow ties. (Check out this ESPN profile of her for more on that.)

She’s the Ronda Rousey of orange leather balls. Or Bill Nye, except instead of teaching science, she’s breaking barriers in sports and changing views on gender roles.

Like Rousey – who convinced MMA president Dana White to allow women in the UFC and is on her way to becoming the sport’s first female millionaire – Griner is very good at what she does and is about to make major bank on her it factor combo of individuality and talent.

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Model Stav Strashko Confuses Straight Men In New Toyota Ad

Fabulous non-trans Ukrainian model Stav Strashko appears in a new Japanese ad for the Toyota Auris (aka Corolla) runway walking towards the product, revealing at the end that he is not in a fact, a she.

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Little Girl Figures Out Gender-Oriented Consumerism

Unlike the little girl who is causing an adorable ruckus on Youtube (1,376,020 views and counting) I never actually verbally recognized that toy stores were laid out in a very specific manner, one that almost warns boys and girls to stay on their respected “sides,” the caution tape in the form of hundreds of pink and blue boxes, in separate aisles.

I did however, care little about the pink aisle and only went through a year-long phase of being on good terms with Barbie when I was in third grade. Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, Legos (the castles and pirate ones) and G.I. Joes were legitimately cooler and more elaborate.

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