Giant 13-Pound German Baby Will Give You Fever Dreams

giant baby germany
For all you royal watchers impatiently waiting for new pictures of Kate and William’s baby, stop. That shit is not impressive or interesting. A German woman giving birth to a 13-and-a-half pound baby is.

My giant Siamese cat Raisin doesn’t weight much more than that. I mean, the kid is almost two feet long and it just makes me think he had a bit too much time to gestate.

Like, damn. Smoke a few cigarettes or something. Reduce the birth weight. You don’t need to put yourself through that. Your baby has a mustache and looks like pre-Weight Watchers Horatio Sanz.  Continue reading “Giant 13-Pound German Baby Will Give You Fever Dreams”

#1 Reason Not To Visit Indonesia – Giant Wasps

A new species of wasp has been discovered in Indonesia, one with chompers longer than its actual legs which is helpful for defense and reproduction. (“The jaws are big enough to wrap around the female’s thorax and hold her during mating.”)

The ferocious bee is two and a half inches long, more than three times the size of an average wasp and has been dubbed Megalara Garuda.”

Lynn Kimsey, the University of California professor who stumbled upon it in the mountains of Sulawesi, says she is surprised it can even walk with its current proportions.

The female Garuda (a type of digger wasp) buries other insects she’s paralyzed and then lays her eggs on top of them so that her offspring are born with a nice feast close by. I think I had a horrible childhood, missing out on this experience. Maybe in my next life? Continue reading “#1 Reason Not To Visit Indonesia – Giant Wasps”

Emily Haines Reveals New Metric Album Details

Emily Haines of the massive indie/rock band Metric revealed to Spin Magazine’s Peter Gaston that they already have 13 songs ready to mix for their upcoming fifth CD, a follow-up to their massive 2009 hit Fantasies, which had them playing arena shows and rolling in the success of songs like “Help I’m Alive” and “Gold Guns Girls.”

The enormity of their fifth effort earned them an offer to pen a track for the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack with Howard Shore – a very brave and questionable career move. The type that might cause skeptical fans to throw “sell out” digs their way…

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