Funny Video: Justin Timberlake Plays Drunk Mini-Golf on The Jonathan Ross Show

First it was Justin Timberweek, then Timbermonth, now 2013 is officially Justin Timberyear! Yesterday, the internet continued the prince of pop’s reign of musical anti-terrorism with a video of his visit to The Jonathan Ross Show from last month, before SNL and his album’s release.

Charm and hilarity (and one Michael Caine impression) ensued when Ross pulled out a couple of shot glasses and a bottle of Timberlake’s 901 tequila.  Continue reading “Funny Video: Justin Timberlake Plays Drunk Mini-Golf on The Jonathan Ross Show”

Tiger Woods’ 5-Iron Officially Entangled in Lindsey Vonn’s Poles

Tiger Woods Lindsey Vonn facebook Sexting and golf champ Tiger Woods and injury-prone skier Lindsey Vonn confirmed the worst-kept secret that is their relationship by posting joint his and her statements along with a series of cheesy looking-off-into-the-distance photos on best-platform-for-secret-shattering Facebook.

Both made sure to mention that their friendship blossomed into a sporty romance in recent months, possibly because she was still technically married to Thomas Vonn up until January 9.

The couple also clarified that no one is frickin’ allowed to ask them about the intimate details. 

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Tiger Woods Has A Niece And She’s Good At Golf

Time for some family history. Cheyenne Woods, is Tiger Woods’ niece from his half-brother. Everyone in this family was influenced in some way by Tiger’s grandfather, Earl Sr, who taught Cheyenne to play.

Got it? All you really need to know is that she may be the next golf prodigy. At 21, she has qualified for the U.S. Women’s Open in Wisconsin in July and will participate in her first major in less than a week.

Cheyenne just graduated from Wake Forest University (Maya Angelou is a faculty member and golf legend Arnold Palmer is an alumni) and is the spitting [more attractive] image of her uncle.

I’m not going to pretend to know anything about this sport because I don’t believe that balls and patience go together, but get ready for another decade of Wood(s).  Continue reading “Tiger Woods Has A Niece And She’s Good At Golf”

Heckler Tosses Disintegrating Hotdog At Tiger Woods

At Tiger Woods’ first tournament in two months, a man ran onto the green and attempted to throw a hotdog at the notorious golfer, then immediately sat down with his hands behind his back looking like “he wanted to be arrested,” as Woods put it.

The random hotdog toss tok place at the Open at the CordeValle course in Northern California on the seventh green at the end of Tiger’s final round.

He says he was focusing on his putt when it happened:

”When I looked up, the hot dog was already in the air. The bun was kind of disintegrating.”

The heckler came out hollering, probably something about Tiger’s famous sexting/adultery scandal back in 2009, but Woods hardly saw him approaching…

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