Trailer: Game of Thrones Season 5

All your favorite, scattered medieval peeps are returning in April and instead of finding each other they’re going to die get even more spread out! (See Varys and bearded Tyrion drifting towards the Khaleesi, Arya all by her lonesome in Bravos.)
Various websites keep telling me that season 5 may kill me be a “tough watch” for attached fans and Sansa is going to go through an “intense trauma,” so not only are more Starks going to die, but prepare to get bombarded with new characters like Oberyn’s daughters and brother, the High Sparrow and more!  Continue reading “Trailer: Game of Thrones Season 5”

Ermahgerd I Need Somebody to Hibernate With Until ‘Game of Thrones’ Comes Back

With four major deaths and a fight scene just as epic as the Mountain/Viper showdown, the Game of Thrones finale was everything we hoped for except that it was only the 10th episode and that one guy who was evil but oddly likable totally croaked either by a crossbow bolt or a sword/falling down a hill.

But honestly, how on earth will you spend your Sunday nights now that Thrones is over??

I know I’ll be parading around pretending like this will be the finale that causes me to read all the Song of Ice and Fire books as soon as I have a free second. (Which is never, because I’m always busier scratching my nose until my brain leaks out.) Continue reading “Ermahgerd I Need Somebody to Hibernate With Until ‘Game of Thrones’ Comes Back”

Summer is Never Coming: The ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode That Broke Me [Spoilers]

Richard Madden Michelle Fairley kissIf you read ahead and still complain about Game of Thrones spoilers after this paragraph I’m going to tie your hands to a radiator in a room with a television that plays nothing but the rape scene from both versions of Last House on the Left, the second half of Million Dollar Baby and Boys Don’t Cry and grandpa’s dinner portion of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Call me a drama queen all you want, but that Red Wedding scene from the second-to-last episode of GoT may have been worse than any scene from the aforementioned movies.

There’s a video circulating of fans who didn’t read the third book (I’m currently on the second), A Storm of Swords, after its publication in 2000, reacting to HBO’s airing of The Rains of Castamere on June 2, 2013, and none of their face-covering and minor screams compare to my full-blown temper tantrum.

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