Justin Bieber Serenaded His Grandma NAKED (Yeah, You Heard Me)

justin bieber naked guitarWhat could be more gross and lobotomy-worthy than these photos of naked Justin Bieber covering his wee maple schlong with a sunburst guitar in front of his grandmother on Turkey Day?

TMZ guesses that Justin did this last November as some kind of prank because any excuse to put things down his pants or pull his pants and shirt completely off is the right kind of excuse. (And nudity and family just go so well together.)

Notice anything strange about the picture on the left besides the obvious? …It’s just that Justin is approximately 5’7″, putting the grandmother at about three feet.

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Zac Efron And Taylor Swift Sing ‘Pumped Up Kicks’

Former HSM teeny-bopper Zac Efron and country-bopper Taylor Swift dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres to show off their guitar/singing skills. At least, the guitar skills she attempted to teach him.

Taylor taught him to play the Foster The People megahit “Pumped Up Kicks” and even improvised the lyrics a little for humor’s sake, to play up Ellen’s curiosity on their dating situation. It (roughly) goes:

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Kristen Stewart’s Gives Thoughtful Gifts, Spends $12,000 On Guitars For R-Patz

The money clearly is no issue, when you consider Kristen Stewart‘s salary for Twilight and note that most celebrities just buy each other cars and diamonds. Though she could afford to buy Robert Pattinson a Range Rover or a lovely diamond necklace, vintage guitars are a bit more heartfelt. Just a bit. Barely.

While some people might take this as a personal message from K-Stew to R-Patz about his career choice and rumored affair, such as “please take these instruments and pursue this instead because you hanging out with groupies is still better than sluts like Nikki Reed,” I think it’s less complex.

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Cutest/Catchiest YouTube Song Since Maria Aragon

Remember when that adorable little girl, Maria Aragon, covered “Born This Way” and America got all frazzled, and it revived their sense that art is still alive with youth?

Not just this Toddlers and Tiaras, Teen Mom, 16 And Pregnant, Lindsay Lohan cocaine-cowboy bullcrap? Well I have another YouTube video for you of an original song written by a teenager, Shireen Koh (on guitar) and sung by her friend Elsa.
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