Video: Gwen Stefani – “Baby Don’t Lie”

Gwen Stefani’s comeback is underway with this hippie dippie new acid trip video that plays out like a slowed-down “Rude Boy” B-side sponsored by Puma.

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gwen stefani baby don't life gif tumblr  gwen stefani baby don't life gif tumblr
The fact that Gwen’s been married for 12 years makes it really hard to guess who this song is about… P.S. Her new solo album, the first since 2006, is rumored to drop in December.

How Will Gwen Stefani Match up Against Other ‘Voice’ Judges?

I’ve been watching a lot of Gwen Stefani interviews today to see what exact kind of personality we’re looking at, and so far I’ve learned that she stays in touch with Madonna, once wanted a pet monkey and continues to describe her husband as “hot” years after their wedding.

Like former female The Voice coaches Shakira and Christina Aguilera, Stefani is a super proud blond giver of birth who calls motherhood “the best thing that’s ever happened” in her life.

She’s adorably Californian, knows she’s fabulous, and will likely vibe well with fellow blond beauty/sourpuss Adam Levine and new token-black-guy-judge Pharrell (who is half to blame for the spelling lesson in “Hollaback Girl”). Go ahead and put on an EVEN bigger hat, you’ll still never be Cee Lo.  Continue reading “How Will Gwen Stefani Match up Against Other ‘Voice’ Judges?”

Courtney Love Covers ’99 Problems’ At Sundance

Courtney Love sundance 2013Courtney Love, never one to censor herself, covered Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” with most of the original lyrics (including the n-word) onstage in Park City, Utah during Sundance.

Before playing the song she said “It either sucks or it’s genius,” which could also apply to all the movies screened at Sundance.

And don’t even start to wonder if it’s okay for her to say the n-word. She’s a bitter, broke, equal opportunity, rock star. Not even equal, because her all her problems seem to involve throwing shade at her white peers and frenemies. Problems like:

1. Gwen Stefani and her husband:

His band never did that well but he is very, very smart. He runs the Gwen show, that’s him. He runs the clothing line, he f**king built that up, he has nothing else to do.  Continue reading “Courtney Love Covers ’99 Problems’ At Sundance”

Gwen Stefani Sings ‘Glycerine’ With Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale Gwen Stefani Almost Acoustic Christmas kiss 2012 Gwen Stefani popped on stage unannounced at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas while her husband was singing “Glycerine” with Bush.

This isn’t exactly a song that required trademarked Stefani bubbles, but she added them anyway.

It’s an especially cute moment, not only because they’re married 90’s rock stars who fared better than Kurt and Courtney, but because they met 17 years ago at this very event, back when Gwen dyed her hair blue and stuck a Bindi in between her eyes.

Gavin, well, he looked exactly the same as he does now, leopard print guitar-strap and all. Somehow.  Continue reading “Gwen Stefani Sings ‘Glycerine’ With Gavin Rossdale”

Flavor Flav Sees Miley Cyrus, Yells ‘GWEN STEFANI!’

Flavor Flav confused Miley Cyrus for Gwen Stefani backstage at the iHeartRadio Festival. Cyrus, who I usually dislike, seemed genuinely honored to be in his presence.

And who wouldn’t be? It’s the guy who rapped on “Fight The Power” AND paved the way for the best of the worst reality shows with Flavor of Love. 

Flav yelled out the No Doubt singer’s name as she approached him, told him he owed her a clock, and posed for a few pictures.

Other memorable iHeartRadio Festival moments include Britney Spears looking sexual, Billie Joe Armstrong throwing a temper tantrum, and Prince performing with Mary J. Blige.  Continue reading “Flavor Flav Sees Miley Cyrus, Yells ‘GWEN STEFANI!’”

Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down” Live At 2012 Teen Choice Awards

No Doubt has always been one of those bands that I love but have little desire to see in concert. Gwen Stefani with all her energy and style, excites about as much as Patrick Stump at a state fair.

I mean, this is colorful and fun with a few wavering ska vocals and out-of-sync guitar riffs but I’m still glad they’re back and am looking forward to Push and Shove (out September 24). Continue reading “Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down” Live At 2012 Teen Choice Awards”

Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down”

A string of singles from your favorite semi-long-lost bands came out in recent weeks. The Killers with “Runaways” (the song gives me worms), Green Day’s “Oh Love” (IBS) and my personal favorites, No Doubt and their unsurprisingly reggae-infused comeback song “Settle Down.”

They’re picking off right where they left off, with a song that feels like it fits well with their last album, 2001’s Rock Steady, and also Gwen’s two solo albums.  Continue reading “Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down””

No Doubt Will Perform At Teen Choice Awards

No Doubt‘s first album since 2001’s Rock Steady is becoming a reality.

The band has confirmed an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, July 22 and their new CD is due in September.

They have not played together live since 2009, while Gwen Stefani focused on her sweet-hollaback-harajuku-escape solo career.

Tony, Gwen, Adrian and Tom been graciously updating fans on their every move via Twitter

“Need a final sound for ‘Push & Shove’ so Tom is playing an electronic autoharp app on his iPad. Hello to the future”

“Adrian cutting new drums on ‘Easy’ as we wait for our burritos to arrive for dinner”  Continue reading “No Doubt Will Perform At Teen Choice Awards”

Gwen Stefani For InStyle’s November 2011 Issue

Gwen Stefani covers InStyle this week, and as usual she looks kinda like Madonna, but better cause she’s not a mummy who wraps herself in lettuce instead of bandages.

The interview, which was quite bland revealed that 42 year-old Gwen wears makeup constantly (even when she’s not going out) dyes her hair with L’Oreal, and says that having kids is “challenging.” Zzz

Continue reading “Gwen Stefani For InStyle’s November 2011 Issue”