Halle Berry Forces Short Hair on Her ‘X-Men’ Mutant

Halle Berry Days of future past Returning X-Men/X2 director Bryan Singer’s latest peek into X-Men: Days of Future Past is a look at Halle Berry as Storm, or rather, a look at Halle Berry’s hair, as there’s nothing fantastic or unique about her outfit.

If Storm’s hair has to be short because Halle Berry has short hair in real life, is her character also pregnant now? Berry herself addressed the dangers of filming Singer’s action-heavy movie with child. From JoBlo:

“Storm probably won’t be as badass as she was going to be because we won’t be able to do any fighting or flying or things like that. She’ll be different than we originally planned her to be.”

No fighting. No flying. No Zeus baby clutching lightning bolts in the ultrasound. No fun at all.  Continue reading “Halle Berry Forces Short Hair on Her ‘X-Men’ Mutant”

Is Halle Berry Too Old For Pregnancy, at 46? [POLL]

Halle Berry baby bumpHalle Berry’s rep confirmed on Friday that she was pregnant with her second child after “sources” leaked the story to TMZ and E! News. The question here seems to be, at age 46, is she “too old?”

I was adopted when my parents were in their early 30’s, which I think is fine.

Commonly, the pro for having a child at a later age is financial security. Plus you’ve had more time to grow as a person, which makes you less likely to “accidentally” flush your baby down the toilet or burn it in the microwave.

Sadly, she’ll be 64 when her son turns 18, around 70 when he graduates from college (assuming he goes right after high school) and dead 92 when he’s 46.  Continue reading “Is Halle Berry Too Old For Pregnancy, at 46? [POLL]”

Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy and Current Main Squeeze Hospitalized After Fist Fight

Thanksgiving drama at the Berry home. Halle Berry‘s fiance Olivier Martinez and ex Gabriel Aubry got into a brawl after Aubrey dropped his daughter off with her actress mother on Thursday morning.

Current French actor beau Olivier, 46,  said something (“We have to move on?”) to set off former model boytoy Gabriel, 10 years younger, who proceeded to punch Olivier in the face.

After rolling around on the ground for a while, both guys were taken to the hospital, Martinez for a neck and hand injury and Aubry (arrested for misdemeanor battery) for face contusions, head injuries and a broken rib.  Continue reading “Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy and Current Main Squeeze Hospitalized After Fist Fight”