Facebook’s Infuriating Policies Allow Removal Of Post Exposing Misogynist Pig

facebook messsage asking for nudesApparently Facebook and their employees are in the business of protecting incomprehensibly ignorant, entitled and pushy men.

Yesterday, a friend I’ve known for years received a message asking if she’d be interested in selling pictures of her body. Totally fucking presumptuous and gross, right? Let me interject for a moment by saying that being accosted by random pervs is not flattering. Just a little tip for all the guys out there: most of us prefer well-worded compliments from people we know, trust and respect.

My friend, who is pretty familiar with this type of behavior from years of social media-having — not to mention multiplayer gaming on Xbox Live — decided to thwart his efforts with humor, telling him she was sans genitalia. Continue reading “Facebook’s Infuriating Policies Allow Removal Of Post Exposing Misogynist Pig”

‘Destiny,’ From a Girl Gamer’s Perspective

When discussing Destiny, the internet has pretty much all the bases covered. Flaws, pros, tips, except I haven’t read much about the game from a female perspective.

As someone who’s played steadily from its release date to now and participated in everything it has to offer – from weekly raids to crucible to strikes to tedious exotic bounties – I’d like to share my experiences.

There’s not as much harassment. Bungie has treated this game completely differently than its beloved Halo series by making it very difficult to verbally communicate with the many other gamers you encounter while playing. It’s a very social game, yet “meeting” new people has been limited to messaging, party invites and maybe opting for in-game voice chat, which I haven’t done because I’m usually already in a fireteam with friends. (Plus I have a feeling no one’s talking in there anyway.)  Continue reading “‘Destiny,’ From a Girl Gamer’s Perspective”