Actor, Bodyguard, And Professional Teddy Bear Michael Clarke Duncan Dead At Age 54

Michael Clarke Duncan, the actor with the ominous physical presence, booming voice, and the sweet-as-cotton-candy personality died at age 54 Monday morning due to complications from a heart attack.

Sources report that his passing came “very suddenly.”

On July 13th, Duncan suffered from cardiac arrest but was saved by his fiancé, reality star Omarosa (Celebrity Apprentice, The Surreal Life), who performed CPR on him before he was admitted to an Intensive Care Unit.

At that point, his rep told the media that he was “stable” and on the road to a full recovery. Those words are especially bitter to hear now that we know he was in the hospital for seven weeks prior to his death. Continue reading “Actor, Bodyguard, And Professional Teddy Bear Michael Clarke Duncan Dead At Age 54”

Artificial ‘Medusoid’ Jellyfish Zapped To Life

Professor Kevin Kit Parker and bioengineering researchers John Dabiri and Janna Nawroth have teamed up to create a jellyfish made of rat muscle cells. You heard right, the Medusoid jellyfish is marine science’s answer to Frankenstein.

It was “brought to life” with an electric shock and beats like a human heart, without needing batteries. This is a step that will benefit artificial hearts of the future. Dabiri says:

“Instead of heart valves made out of aluminum or plastic, they would be built out of your own biological material, your heart cells, your tissue, that makes it more biocompatable and potentially longer-lived.”

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Kali Ma! Translation: Pass The Heart Cake, Please

UK baker Lily Vanilli has perfected a medically-realistic heart-shaped cake. It is made of red velvet sponge cake topped with raspberry and blackcurrant sauce and will have you running up to strangers chanting with your fist open in no time…

I shouldn’t admit this, but I have a bizarre affinity for sequels that nobody else likes. Return Of The Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie, I don’t mind David Fincher’s Alien 3, and I LOVE Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom.  Continue reading “Kali Ma! Translation: Pass The Heart Cake, Please”

The Invincible Tin Woodsman, Dick Cheney

Former Vice President Dick Cheney underwent a heart transplant on Saturday in Virginia raising the taboo questions, ‘is he too old?’ and ‘does he deserve it?’

Cheney seems invincible considering he’s has had five heart attacks and two prior surgeries since 1978.

It’s likely that his veins were drained long ago and replaced with synthetic 900 proof cat blood. Anything with urban nine-lives mythology.

ABC News stated that many hospitals have policies against performing transplants on patients over 65 but that some will go as old as 72. (Cheney is 71)

He was on the transplant list for over 20 months, which is not an unusually long time. According to Dr. Jonathan Chen of Columbia University, the VP’s new heart probably doesn’t come based on wealth or status.  Continue reading “The Invincible Tin Woodsman, Dick Cheney”