Goth Icons Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton Are No More

Tim Burton helena bonham makeupAfter 13 years, two children and 7 movies together, epic crazy-haired witch Helena Bonham Carter and slightly less epic crazy-haired warlock Tim Burton have split up.

It’s a sad sad day, but I know most people’s first question isn’t “Oh No, what happened?” it’s “Who the f*ck is going to star in his movies now??”

What other spicy gothic British woman with dirty Renaissance thift store swag could possibly fill her shoes? Do we really have to wait for Kate Beckinsale to lose her mind, or will Tim Burton throw us a bone and continue to work with his ex out of respect for the craft and the fact that his movies will suck even more without her…  Continue reading “Goth Icons Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton Are No More”

Video: Rufus Wainwright – “Out Of The Game”

Here’s a lovely video featuring everybody’s favorite eccentric, Helena Bonham Carter, mouthing the words to the latest Mark Ronson-produced ditty from Rufus Wainwright.

This might bring to mind several other lip-syncing celebrity videos, like Robert Downey Jr. in Elton John’s “I Want Love,” only this time there’s a little gender-reversal, like a calmer Winona Rider in “Talk About The Blues.” Continue reading “Video: Rufus Wainwright – “Out Of The Game””