Avril Lavigne Says Hello to Her Kitty, Offends Everyone

It’s really hard to pinpoint the exact moment that Avril Lavigne went wrong with “Hello Kitty…”

I don’t know if it’s the lyrics, her super punk side shave and cupcake skirt, the dubstep breakdown about a minute in or the sedated Asian women she’s hired to stand behind her.

While Avril defended the video calling it an ode to Japanese culture after bloggers labelled it “racist,” I find it deeply offensive for other reasons. Those reasons being:

1. Avril Lavigne is 29 years old

2. Her husband, Chad Kroeger, is 39 years old
Avril lavigne glasses hello kitty stillAvril Lavigne hello kitty still
3. The blessed union that is Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger wrote this song together

4. Keywords: Hello Kitty, slumber party, spin the bottle

5. Chad Kroeger is not yet listed as a registered sex offender  Continue reading “Avril Lavigne Says Hello to Her Kitty, Offends Everyone”

Snooki’s Ed Hardy Decal, I Mean Tattoo

My favorite little 4’9″ meatball got a new tattoo on her right arm, a “crown cross and hello kitty bowl,” as she puts it. It’s kind of large and I’m not really a big fan of tattoos especially this kind.

It looks like it came from a Bret Michaels sticker book…

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