12-Year-Old Rips Mitt Romney A New Hole

A Denver 7th grader’s disapproving letter to Mitt Romney discussing gay marriage, women’s rights, religion, and health care is a viral sensation.

Like McKayla Maroney, he is NOT IMPRESSED.

Despite a few grammatical errors (“backpedalled” instead of “backpedaled” and “you’re” instead of “your”), it’s hard to not wonder if Jackson Ripley had some help from his parents. (Or I’m jealous because my comprehension was not nearly this good at age 12.)

What pre-teen refers to the “middle class” and uses words “vulnerable?”

Here’s the entire body of the letter from Jackson Ripley, regarding his younger sister Kennedy’s battle with hemangioma…  Continue reading “12-Year-Old Rips Mitt Romney A New Hole”