Prince Williams Swoops Into Action, Saves Teenage Girl From A Cruel, Watery Death

Imagine you’re a teenage girl. Shouldn’t be too hard since most of The Twist’s comments seem to come from severely emotionally stunted 13-year-old boys pretending to be of-age female schoolteachers or Staples employees.

Imagine that you are drowning. Yeah, you’re out with your sister by the bay and you’re completely helpless and cold. Suddenly, Prince Williams appears.

See what a fantasy this already sounds like? I don’t fancy myself an Astrid Lindgren-type, nor an erotic novelist whose name rhymes with “Hell Fames.” This is a true story.  Continue reading “Prince Williams Swoops Into Action, Saves Teenage Girl From A Cruel, Watery Death”

Mediocrity to the Rescue!

Apparently, we’ve reached the point where we heap praise on celebrities when they act like decent human beings. I guess we just don’t expect very much of them, nor should we.

Celebrities, by and large, and regardless of industry, are egocentric megalomaniacs. They’re shameless self-promoters. But they have to be.

It’s the very nature of the industry they’ve chosen to reward only the most outlandish, most newsworthy (whether good or bad) people. I guess that’s why it’s so shocking when we hear about celebrities doing genuine good. A story about Johnny Depp tipping $4000 on a $400 check is just as shocking to our sensibilities as Britney Spears stiffing her waitress on a $251 bill.

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Brad Pitt And Kate Winslet Like To Save People

On the set of Brad Pitt’s new zombie movie, World War Z (also starring Bryan Cranston and Matthew Fox) an extra was on the verge of being trampled during a chaotic scene. So what did Brad Pitt/Achilles do? He scooped her up and prevented her from getting her head crushed like a sunflower in a hamster’s mouth.

Apparently, there were around 700 zombie/human survivor extras running down the street in Glasgow, Scotland and several suffered broken bones and severe bruising.

So it looks like he didn’t save everybody. Geez Brad way to only save one lady and not help everyone at once. What were you thinking?

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