Homeless Forcibly Removed From Trendy Detroit Neighborhood

Sweet brown surprisePolice in Detroit are in less trouble than they should be for “kidnapping” homeless people from the hip and fancy Greektown Historic District and dumping them outside city limits.

This is nothing new. I mean, I’m pretty sure hobos aren’t allowed in my town unless they’re shifting between public transportation for 15 minutes. Shelters in all major cities are downtown, shadowed by the hustle and bustle of noisy, non-homeless bar-goers, traffic, and police sirens. If you watch Cops, you know there aren’t exactly a lot of laws protecting the rights of those unfortunate enough to live under bridges and drink out of paper bags.

Detroit still may have reached a new low, reportedly dropping people off as many as eight miles away from the neighborhood, sometimes at night, to potentially dangerous areas that they are unfamiliar with.

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Madonna’s Brother Lives Under a Bridge in Michigan

Anthony Ciccone Madonna Madonna’s older brother Anthony Ciccone has not only been homeless for 18 months, but he sleeps under the Union St. Bridge in Traverse City, Michigan (250 miles north of Detroit).

The Daily Mail caught up with 56-year-old Ciccone, an alcoholic and drug addict who lost his job at his family’s vineyard and winery after he was found drinking “straight from the vats.”

“I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me,” a visibly weathered Anthony said of his pop star sister, adding “She doesn’t give a shit if I’m dead or alive. She lives in her own world.”

The queen of the world isn’t the only one ignoring Anthony. His own father, 80-year-old Silvio Ciccone refuses to help his son until he stops drinking. (Madonna paid for him to enter rehab six years ago.)

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Vanessa Hudgens, Method Actor?

The three edgiest acting gigs Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame has had are as follows…As Zac Efron’s beard, “Blondie” in Suckerpunch and #3, tricking people into thinking Mila Kunis had nude pics.

The edgiest thing she’s done as of now, involves staying at a homeless shelter for two weeks and cutting her own hair for a role in the streetrat pregnancy drama Gimme Shelter.

The movie, which co-stars Rosario Dawson as Vanessa’s junkie mother, shot last year. Hudgens revealed on Friday to Rachael Ray that she got downer and dirtier than usual to get into character.

“My character ends up at this pregnant, homeless teen shelter that’s in New Jersey. I actually went and stayed in a shelter for two weeks before I started filming, I lived there with all the girls, with all the kids. I actually cut my own hair for this movie.”

A Heart More Frozen Than Pinkberry Yogurt

The man who co-founded Pinkberry, the successful frozen yogurt chain that spans across 20 states and nearly as many countries was arrested yesterday at LAX for assaulting a homeless man.

Young Lee, a former bouncer and kickboxer, was picked up on a warrant for the crime which occurred in June of 2011. He is accused of chasing after a man who asked him for money in downtown L.A.

Lee, who says he felt “threatened,” chased the man (who was later hospitalized) down with a friend and hit him repeatedly with a tire iron.

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