Colin Farrell Had a Telephone Romance With Elizabeth Taylor

Colin Farrell Elizabeth Taylor ellen Now I will tell you the unexpected tale of how an elder Elizabeth Taylor befriended hunky 30-something Colin Farrell

Taylor sent an orchid to Farrell after she found out he was in the hospital welcoming his son Henry into the world. (She was there having a coronary stent put in.)

Shortly after, the began talking on the phone late at night. Here’s a quote from Vanity Fair, explaining their relationship and why he was asked to speak at her funeral in 2011:

The pair eventually met in person and began exchanging phone calls, especially late-night ones that fit nicely into their insomniac schedules. “She wasn’t much of a sleeper at night like I’m not, so at two o’clock in the morning I’d call her. . .and the nurse would answer the phone. I’d say, ‘Is she awake?’ I’d be on the phone and I’d hear, ‘Hello?’ And I’d go how’s it going and we’d talk for a half an hour an hour into the wee hours. Really cool.’”  Continue reading “Colin Farrell Had a Telephone Romance With Elizabeth Taylor”

Amanda Bynes Sent to Hospital for Playing With Fire

Amanda bynes fireEvery era has its great mystery. In the late 1800s there was Jack The Ripper, then much later, the Black Dahlia, Amelia Earhart and the Zodiac.

Now there’s Amanda Bynes, who is technically still alive but in worse shape than your average rat-eating, street-pooping hobo.

Last night she literally walked into some bitches’ driveway and started a fire. Seriously, TMZ has pictures of the very minimal damage.

Not so minimal is the damage the poor woman who owns the driveway suffered when she saw Amanda Bynes hunched over a lighter in front of her house making duck face and talking to herself.

Back to what I was saying about mysteries. Why was she lighting a fire? Was she cold? Does one of her personalities know she’s a witch and that flames usually kill them?
jennifer lawrence hair on fire gif
Was she always crazy or did she become crazy after she “retired” from acting? Was the crazy just lingering since forever and if so, what triggered it? What’s the cure?  Continue reading “Amanda Bynes Sent to Hospital for Playing With Fire”

Lil’ Wayne Back From the Dead After Syrup Seizure?

Lil' Wayne syrupOn Friday, TMZ made mention of [what we now know was] a very real seizure that sent Dwayne “Lil’ Wayne” Carter to the hospital, mixed with unreliable Enquirer-esque info about him entering a medically-induced coma and being read his “last rites.” The seizure, which is not Lil’ Wayne’s first, was reportedly caused by some sort of sizzurp binge.

Sizzurp (aka syrup, aka “the drank”) being a mixture of promethazine and codeine, often prescribed to those with ultra phlegm-y pneumonia.

People from Carter’s record label seemed outraged by the claims that their friend and business partner was on the verge of death. So, they’re either in denial or rightfully pissed at the false allegations. (As of yesterday night, TMZ continued to post updates about his mother flying to the L.A. to decide whether or not to keep him on life support in the ICU.)  Continue reading “Lil’ Wayne Back From the Dead After Syrup Seizure?”

Justin Bieber Faints From Exhaustion in London, Should Probably Retire

Justin Bieber shirtless hospital You don’t have to be a psychic to see that Justin Bieber is overworked and overstressed.

Yesterday, during his second to last consecutive show at London’s O2 Arena, he stumbled off stage and collapsed just out of sight of his fans. Like a stubborn injured quarterback, Justin returned to finish his set after being treated with oxygen.

O2 Arena is exactly the same venue he was booed at for showing up at least 40 minutes late because his combination bicep and penis pump broke of “technical difficulties.”

Later he went on Twitter for a meltdown about rumors, God, judgment and his tiny topless body.

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Kelly Osbourne ‘Fine’ After ‘Fashion Police’ Seizure

Kelly Osbourne Fashion Police OscarsKelly Osbourne was rushed to the hospital today after suffering her first seizure on the set of E!’s Fashion Police in front of a full audience plus co-hosts Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers and George Kotsiopoulos.

Osbourne reportedly said “I don’t feel good” before she fell out of her chair and began convulsing. She “came around” shortly after and was taken away on a stretcher by emergency responders as a precaution, according to TMZ.

Upon being asked about Kelly’s condition, Joan Rivers said “She is fine. We just saw her.”

Skiier Lindsey Vonn Taken Down By Brutal Knee Injury, Airlifted To Hospital

Lindsey Vonn airliftedDecorated American ski champion Lindsey Vonn‘s chances of competing in the near future were frighteningly halted yesterday when she was airlifted to the hospital following a nasty tumble down a mountain at the Alpine world championships in Austria.

The United States team medical director informed news outlets that she had torn two ligaments in her knee and requires reconstructive surgery that will keep her out for the remainder of the season.

It is unlikely that the injury will keep her away from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

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Lindsay Lohan Rushed To New York Hospital For Asthma

Lindsay Lohan was taken to the emergency room at Mount Sinai hospital in New York late Sunday after having a severe asthma attack.

TMZ reports that Lohan, whose father said that she has to take these things seriously because “she had a bad case of asthma as a kid,” was released shortly after being given antibiotics for a lung infection.

“Lindsay was treated and released, and is doing fine,” Lindsay’s rep told Newsday. Sources close to the troubled starlet revealed that she’s been dealing with walking pneumonia for the last two weeks.

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Actor, Bodyguard, And Professional Teddy Bear Michael Clarke Duncan Dead At Age 54

Michael Clarke Duncan, the actor with the ominous physical presence, booming voice, and the sweet-as-cotton-candy personality died at age 54 Monday morning due to complications from a heart attack.

Sources report that his passing came “very suddenly.”

On July 13th, Duncan suffered from cardiac arrest but was saved by his fiancé, reality star Omarosa (Celebrity Apprentice, The Surreal Life), who performed CPR on him before he was admitted to an Intensive Care Unit.

At that point, his rep told the media that he was “stable” and on the road to a full recovery. Those words are especially bitter to hear now that we know he was in the hospital for seven weeks prior to his death. Continue reading “Actor, Bodyguard, And Professional Teddy Bear Michael Clarke Duncan Dead At Age 54”

Christian Bale Is Capable Of Being A Nice Guy

Christian Bale popped up unannounced to visit five victims of The Dark Knight Rises shooting at the Medical Center of Aurora on Tuesday, all sweet and low-key in jeans and a t-shirt.

He spent two and a half hours at the facility, and snapped photos with several of the victims and some of the employees as well. One, Carey Rottman (left) posted the photo on Facebook.

“The patients were really happy to meet Bale,” hospital president Bill Voloch told reporters. “They are obviously big fans of his movies. They wanted to see Batman and were really pleased to see Bale.”

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Kristin Chenoweth Almost Dies While Filming ‘The Good Wife,’ TMZ Readers Wish She Had

Howard Stern pointed out on his radio show Thursday morning that Kristin Chenoweth (Glee, GCB, Wicked) received a surprising amount of hate comments on TMZ after she was rushed to hospital for head injuries obtained while guest starring on The Good Wife. 

And it’s true!

One person said “LUCKY THE BITCH IS SHORT… SHE DIDN’T HAVE FAR TO FALL!” while another wrote “I hope her boobs are okay.” How sweet.

The third worst was “Unfortunately, the size of her head is partially to blame” right after the short bitch remark and:

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Lindsay Lohan Is Just A Really Hard Sleeper

False reports of Lindsay Lohan’s being found unconscious and rushed to the hospital yesterday flooded the internet.

I myself was genuinely worried that she was on the verge of death.

I began rethinking my whole “career” of poking fun at celebrities and how the media is partially responsible for Lindsay’s downfall and even more so for her lack of recovery.

Thank god she’s okay and I don’t have to stop being an asshole.

According to TMZ a Ritz Carlton employee had trouble waking her up and called 911 at 10:15 in the morning.

She was not taken to the hospital but had been complaining of exhaustion the prior day due to working a 13-hour day.  Continue reading “Lindsay Lohan Is Just A Really Hard Sleeper”

Bam Margera Suffers Hernia After Kayaking Down A Waterfall

Bam Margera was hospitalized in Oregon after performing a tandem kayaking stunt down what he claims was a 100 foot waterfall.

He did not break any bones but did acquire a nasty hernia.

It appears that he is standing on Benson Bridge at Multnomah Falls in the picture from Twitter, but I can’t believe it was a 100 foot fall. The upper falls are listed as being 542 feet (which would have killed him) while the lower is 69. Albiqua falls in Marion County is about 100 feet so maybe that was the true location.

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Tila Tequila Had A Near-Death Experience

Tiny TV personality, singer, model, blogger and self-proclaimed gangster Tila Tequila nearly died last week. Her roommate was forced to call 911 after discovering her convulsing on the bed of her home in California.

Sources are saying that she’d lost over 20 pounds recently and suffered a brain aneurysm. After that, she took two bottles of prescription pills, threw up, began screaming and tried to jump out the window.

Her roommate came over after he received an odd text from Tila, who was eventually hospitalized and kept in intensive care until Monday. The source also mentioned that she cannot speak properly at the moment and may have permanent brain damage.

I’m not going to make any jokes whatsoever about this one.  Continue reading “Tila Tequila Had A Near-Death Experience”

Michael Jackson ‘Death Photo’ Surfaces In Dr. Conrad Murray Trial

The trial for Michael Jackson‘s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, is underway. Murray  is accused of involuntary manslaughter – distributing excessive medications that ultimately caused Jackson’s death.

A morbid photo of the pop singer was shown in the courtroom yesterday morning. It depicts Jackson in a hospital gurney, post-mortem…

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I Spy A Chupacabra, In Maryland

Hospital employees at Prince George Hospital in Cheverly, Maryland, have been spotting an unidentified creature in the wooded area near their work since early June of 2011, but only recently have they been able to capture the animal on video. They’ve adopted it as their mascot, lovingly him/her Prince Chupa.

So what is a Chupacabra, you might ask? Well I’ve been poking around the internet and have found that it is basically the latino community’s version of bigfoot, an unknown creature that is inherently evil and drinks the blood of goats. Its mythology is varied. Some people describe it as an alien/dinosaur/vampire while others say it is a panther with a snake’s tongue. Biologists wave these theories off, simply calling the sighted Chupacabras “Coyotes with scabies.”

One employee at Prince George Hospital, Joe Livermore, describes the newfound creature as a “A kangaroo, dog, rat mixed,” adding, “It’s got a rat tail and a head like a deer. I don’t know what it is.”

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