Chelsea Handler Conducts Cringeworthy Interview With Alison Brie

As a regular viewer, I’m more than familiar with the sometimes unscripted, in-your-face interviewing carelessness of Chelsea Handler.

That doesn’t mean I was prepared for Community/Mad Men/Five-Year Engagement star Alison Brie to tell a story about her perversity at age seven.

We all know kids are perverts, but the topic of their unknowing sexuality or joking raunchiness is usually a taboo subject strictly limited to small gatherings of parents behind closed doors. Not national television.  Continue reading “Chelsea Handler Conducts Cringeworthy Interview With Alison Brie”

Hot Dogs + Pizza Hut = Bliss

I love writing about gross food. You’d think it would all be American like the KFC Double Down (chicken-on-chicken-on-bacon sandwich) or Sloppy Joe Sideshots but some of it is actually foreign.

Like pork and seaweed donuts at Asian Dunkin’ Donuts locations or the latest, hot-dog-stuffed pizza crust at Pizza Hut UK! There it is, amidst perfectly bland choices like Cheesy Bites, Hawaiian and Pepperoni. “Succulent hot dog sausage bursting from our famous stuffed crust.”  Continue reading “Hot Dogs + Pizza Hut = Bliss”

Heckler Tosses Disintegrating Hotdog At Tiger Woods

At Tiger Woods’ first tournament in two months, a man ran onto the green and attempted to throw a hotdog at the notorious golfer, then immediately sat down with his hands behind his back looking like “he wanted to be arrested,” as Woods put it.

The random hotdog toss tok place at the Open at the CordeValle course in Northern California on the seventh green at the end of Tiger’s final round.

He says he was focusing on his putt when it happened:

”When I looked up, the hot dog was already in the air. The bun was kind of disintegrating.”

The heckler came out hollering, probably something about Tiger’s famous sexting/adultery scandal back in 2009, but Woods hardly saw him approaching…

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