Tips For Making An Excellent Horror Film

1. Don’t kill anyone right away, and if you do, don’t kill anyone else for at least 30 minutes. Build-up is vital unless you’re Eli Roth, and even Hostel wasn’t an immediate bloodbath.

2. Don’t be afraid to show the killer, ghost, or creature.
Halloween and The Strangers proved that long, straight-on shots of the pursuer can be very effective.

“Pop-ups” can be fun but ultimately pander to a cheap crowd. If you want your movie to hold up over time, don’t be The Messengers/every other movie.

3. Don’t put Asians, black people, jerks, sluts, virgins or stoners in your movie just to kill them off or to have a “token” character. A horror fan needs to be able to relate to and have sympathy for everyone, not just one person. When you do that, you make it too clear who is going to live and who is going to die. Continue reading “Tips For Making An Excellent Horror Film”