Lorde, Kim Gordon and Joan Jett Fronted Nirvana, then Courtney Love Hugged Dave Grohl

Courtney Love Dave Grohl hug The Rock and Roll Induction proceeded on Thursday in Brooklyn and that band calling themselves Nirvana stole the show. The most surprising moment wasn’t when Lorde got awkward with “All Apologies” or that Annie Clark from St. Vincent was the best of the worst weirdest with her vocal rendition of “Lithium” (better than Joan Jett and Kim Gordon on “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Aneurysm”), it was when Courtney Love gave Dave Grohl a giant hug, thus (hopefully) squashing their horrendous feud.

Over the years, Love has sued Grohl (and Krist Novoselic) multiple times over copyright issues, called him an “asshole” and accusing him being ultra skeezy with Frances Bean, who was sadly absent from the ceremony and missed her mother’s heartwarming moment of sanity.

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