This Gamer’s Reaction to Losing at Resident Evil is PRICELESS

 After just finishing a boss battle with only 10 minutes remaining in the game and being watched by hundreds of viewers during a speed run of the original Resident Evil on the PS Vita, Twitch.TV user Carcinogen made a fatal mistake and prematurely game over-ed.

With no save file in sight, his reaction was absolutely perfect. Instead of throwing the Vita against the wall, yelling, crying or suddenly cutting off his camera in shame, he simply slumped straight down in his chair with a look of  embarrassment and surprise until he was completely out of frame.

To see the full chain of events with gameplay footage, head over to Imgur.

A Man With Two Penises Has Existed For 24 Years And We’re Only Just Now Hearing About It

double dick dude twitter2014 is already a wondrous year for one reason and three words: Double Dick Dude.

This is the Reddit username of a 24-year-old caucasian man with a rare condition called Diphallia, also known as “penile duplication” also known as “HE HAS TWO WORKING, FULL-SIZED PENISES!”

Double Dick Dude recently revealed tons of personal details about his sex life in an Ask Me Anything session, but surprisingly few unrelated to his genital region besides his age and American citizenship were brought to light.

When asked what the downsides were, he wrote that the girl he lost his virginity in high school “told everyone” and that he generally avoids public restrooms. (His prostate also becomes enlarged if he doesn’t ejaculate at least every two days.)  Continue reading “A Man With Two Penises Has Existed For 24 Years And We’re Only Just Now Hearing About It”

Man Proposes To Girlfriend Using Imgur, Reddit and DeviantART

Game of thrones proposal meme ringSome really sweet, really progressive guy (Reddit user name: SirTechnocracy) asked his live-in girlfriend to marry him using an album of handmade memes on Imgur, plus 18 drawings of proposals he commissioned from DeviantART, one for each month they’ve been together.

LadyTechnocracy responded to raised eyebrows over the unconventional (*creative*) method by saying “This is honestly the most romantic thing someone has ever done for me. The advice animals crack me up.”

Awww. The internet used properly, without fetish porn or hateful trolls? You crazy kids give me hope.