Beyonce Blames The Weather In Press Conference About Lip-Syncing

Beyonce super bowl press conferenceWhen you’ve been hired to perform at the biggest, most watched sporting event of the year, you have the power to call a press conference for the sole purpose of proving a point.

Yesterday, Beyonce walked into a room full of reporters with “Super Bowl XLVII” and the Pepsi logo emblazoned in lights behind her and said “Hello, how is everyone? Would you guys mind standing?”

You would be correct in guessing that a slightly rushed version of the National Anthem came after.

I guess the whispers of deceit and even the question of how much air her lungs can hold after the Inauguration lip-sync scandal finally got to her. Afterwards she said this:

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Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [1-22-13]

Kelly Clarkson Bill ClintonBill Clinton is very happy about seeing Kelly Clarkson’s backside at the inauguration. (Examiner)

Then Michelle Obama was NOT happy about eating near John Boehner. (NY Daily News)

Sheryl Crow totally knew about Lance Armstrong’s doping problem. (Celebuzz

300 more Blockbusters closing? Where will I rent my obsolete movies now?? (Yahoo!)

Benadryl Wafflesticks = best nickname ever for Benedict Cumberbatch. (ONTD)

Ladies, here’s what your gay man friends think about your blossoming lotus. (ohmyGAHH!)

Damn it, Beyonce! You tricked me and everyone else with your prerecorded bullsh*it! (L.A. Times)


NO ONE Sings The National Anthem Like Beyonce

Beyonce Obama InaugurationBeyonce is garnering perfect reviews across the board after effortlessly performing the National Anthem at Obama’s inauguration earlier today. Gawker described her voice as “more heavenly than a thousand Hallelujah choruses,” and I can’t really disagree.

Her rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” is comparable only to the one that lady sang at the Panthers vs. Patriots Super Bowl in 2004. Oh oh, that was Beyonce too? Never mind.

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