Actor Michael Kearns Talks Gay Encounter With Rock Hudson (and Barry Manilow?)

Michael Kearns Howard SternActor, playwright, author and director Michael Kearns told Howard Stern on Monday that he had sex with Rock Hudson and a still-living mystery man who he would not name, but I, and other Stern fans believe to be Barry Manilow.

HIV-positive Kearns, who starred with Valerie Harper in The Execution and Making of a Male Model with Joan Collins, came out in the early 70’s and is the first actor to do so.

In the interview, he described a one-time oral dalliance with Hudson in a bathhouse called Brooks Baths. Starting with, “You know who had a big penis? I mean huge… Rock Hudson,” he went on to say the following about the famous star of Giant and Pillow Talk:

I thought to myself while we were in the standing up position, making out, with his big d*ck, I thought ‘Why aren’t we going to his mansion?’ It was very degrading.

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Kim Kardashian’s Not-So-Secret Kanye Clue

Kim Kardashian was spotted at LAX with earrings that clearly display the letters “KW,” her boyfriend Kanye West’s initials. Well, at least his name isn’t Kanye Yeast, I don’t think “KY” would have made it so easily into her lobes. Or would it…

Both parties have been fairly hush hush about the relationship. Kanye denied calling her his “Beyonce” saying that he would never compare anyone to his friend’s wife but never claimed they weren’t together.

His song recent “Theraflu” with its “I fell in love with Kim around the same time she fell in love with him” line and these earrings seem to be the most confirmation we’re going to have. For the moment.