A LOT of People Have ‘Gears of War’ Tattoos

The Gears of War Facebook page just added a large chunk of photos the an album labeled “Tattoos.”

I like Gears of War as much as the next girl…

It’s gory, humorous and sometimes heartbreaking (things don’t go swimmingly for Dom’s wife Maria, Tai, and others), but the ink creativity doesn’t seem to span far past the game’s skull-in-gear logo.

Some (elaborate ticker, themed eyeball) are better than others but since there’s no exact word on a fourth Gears game, especially not from Epic, we can consider these tattoos retro in about two years.

Still not the worst image you can have permanently branded on your body. Sadly, nothing beats THIS.

Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo Is Less Religious, More Pompous

Justin Bieber Tweeted a photo of his new tattoo on Friday. I’m not sure what’s worse, him not dying in that car crash on Ventura Blvd, or his new crown tattoo.

I think I more have a beef with the “symbolism.”

Justin either thinks he’s the new king of pop, or that American saw that Prince William and Kate Middleton were boosting England’s economy (OR that Mitt Romney was running) and switched to a monarchy.

The crown is his seventh ink blotch. Others include the words “Believe” and “Jesus” spelled in Hebrew, praying hands, a seagull, and Jesus’ face.  Continue reading “Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo Is Less Religious, More Pompous”

Your Tattoo Doesn’t Make Me Go “Awwww,” David Beckham

I’ve always had mixed feelings about tattoos. Sometimes they’re great, and while  I support everyone’s right to express themselves via skin canvas, CERTAIN tattoos are just, bleck.

Snooki’s giant crown tat for instance. Oh, and I am constantly surprised by the amount of women (Megan Fox, Angelina, Gaga) with scrolling text tattoos that run down their arms or sides. (Too long and boring to bother reading)…

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