Soprano’s Leading Man James Gandolfini Dead at 51, HBO Confirms

Tony SopranoHBO, the network that employed James Gandolfini, 51, from 1999 to 2007 during his incredible run on The Sopranos, has confirmed his tragic death in Italy today.

The Emmy-winning, Jersey-born actor suffered an apparent heart attack during a trip to Sicily for the 59th Taormina Film Festival.

Gandolfini, who rose to fame in films like True Romance and Get Shorty and recently starred in Zero Dark Thirty, is survived by his wife, Deborah Lin, eight-month-old daughter and teenage son.

His upcoming projects included HBO’s Criminal Justice, based on the BBC show of the same name and Animal Rescue, co-starring Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace.

As You Can See, Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Are Ecstatic About Marriage

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were spotted at an Italian airport following their diarrhea goat cheese wedding in Fasano, and it looks like the magic is already gone.

They either saw a ghost, still aren’t used to being photographed or have turned into official married drones. It’s evident in their blank Children of the Corn stares.

Still, we can also never rule out the possibility that they were converted by Scientologists at the arrival gate OR that they were getting into character for a nightly viewing of The Walking Dead. 

Folks take zombie Sunday pretty seriously.

“It’s great to be married, the ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends,” J and J said in a statement released Friday.  Continue reading “As You Can See, Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Are Ecstatic About Marriage”

Kristen Stewart, Edgy And Carefree, In Vogue Italia

Kristen Stewart’s spread in Vogue Italia’s November issue is not only edgy, classy, andro and high-fashion, but it’s perhaps more informative than anything else I’ve read or seen about her in the past.

We learn that she need not work out to stay skinny (“We’re all like this in my family”) she’s organized, prefers feminine clothes, never lacks enthusiasm on set and despite popular opinion, loves her job.

She also tells the mag that she’s never displayed her natural hair color in any of her films, “Since I’ve been acting, I’ve never had my natural hair color, which is light brown. But it’s okay, it’s fun to see yourself differently when you look in the mirror.”

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Lindsay Lohan Is Probably Boning The Guy Who Hired Her

German designer Philipp Plein (Euro Scott Speedman?) recently hired the desperate-for-work train wreck Lindsay Lohan, to represent his clothing in an ad campaign.

Lohan was photographed on Sunday in Bellagio, Italy, posing for some shots. (Below)

The real gossip is that Lindsay was spotted today in Milan with Plein, holding hands and looking romantical.

Now that I examine the photos I also notice that they were holding hands on Monday. Hmmm.

Well, the guy is handsome and not a hobo, so I say go for it!

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Sofia Coppola And Phoenix Frontman Married

Sofia Coppola, esteemed director (Lost In Translation) and daughter of Frances Ford, married Thomas Mars of indie band Phoenix this weekend.

The couple have been together since early the 2000’s and already have two children, daughters Romy and Cosima.

Elite guests who attended the wedding in Bernalda, Italy included George Lucas and Johnny Depp. Sofia wore a custom made Azzedine Alaïa dress in lavender.

Hopefully these lovebirds will have even more children, and they can all grow up to be filmmakers and musicians. The famous Mars/Coppola family… The Baldwins and Jacksons of the future? But they’re all too low-key to care.

Megan Fox Poses For Obscure Foreign Magazines

Megan Fox appears on the cover of both Elle Slovenia (sounds like a plot to kidnap starlets, a la Hostel) and also Amica, an Italian fashion publication, for their September issues.

The Elle Slovenia cover is very casual, while on Amica she kind of looks like a witch who suffered a terrible curse that caused her to grow thick black fur all over her body, except for the arms and face, thank god.

OR she could just be going to the Italian equivalent of The Kentucky Derby, where they host fashion shows on a really long/wide catwalk, and the models double as jockeys. I would sooo go see that. Sadly there’d be a lot of fatalities…

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Jersey Shore Season 4 Premiere, Recap! (Snooki’s Workout + Jwoww’s Botox)

That’s right, tonight was a very special night. Another important moment in nothingness. Season four of Jersey Shore has finally arrived. The show premiered in Italy with many questions to be answered. Well, honestly, I had no questions. I knew that 1. there will be a car accident. 2. The cast is just as stupid in Italy as in America. And 3. everyone is going to “smush.”

The show starts out in the unfiltered smog of America’s poorly-aged butthole err garden state, NJ. Nothing interesting happens until the boys and girls, Mike “The Situation,” Jenni “Jwoww” Farley, Vinny, Pauly D, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Ronnie and Sammi “Sweetheart” arrive in their new foreign home. Like everything else on the show, the new house looks like an imitation. A cheesy high-school project idea of what Italy would be. Marble, statues and pillars with red and yellow paint tossed in for good measure.

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