Cory Monteith Died of a Heroin and Alcohol-Related Drug Overdose

Cory Monteith drumsA coroner in British Columbia confirmed earlier this week that 31-year-old Glee star Cory Monteith’s death was caused by a lethal dose of heroin mixed with alcohol on Saturday.

“It should be noted that at this point there is no evidence to suggest Mr. Monteith’s death was anything other than a most-tragic accident,” Canadian authorities said in a press conference.

The police explained that “there were indications in the room that this was a drug overdose,” and while they didn’t specify what those indications were, it’s probably safe to assume that, since it was heroin, there were either needles or some kind of foil and/or pipe discovered in his hotel room.

His co-star Jane Lynch said the following kind words about Monteith while visiting The Tonight Show:

“Cory’s one of the biggest hearts, was a real bright light. He was one of those guys that … he knew he was breathing rarified air. The gifts that this wonderful show gave us … He was always aware that it was a gift and he was quite generous. He was one of those adventurous types of people.”  Continue reading “Cory Monteith Died of a Heroin and Alcohol-Related Drug Overdose”

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