Khal Drogo Does a Sexy Polynesian Mating Dance

Jason Momoa shakaIt’s time to stop wondering what Jason Momoa does in his spare time besides getting into bar fights (yes, that’s a real scar) and marrying Lisa Bonet. TMZ has the answer…

In a new video acquired by Harvey Levin and his team of widespread camera-fondlers, we see our favorite Game of Thrones barbarian being the perfect example of physical perfection on the beach in Auckland, NZ.

Sadly, he’s not actually doing a mating dance. But it is a war dance now used by rugby players to intimate their opponents. And you know what happens after war. And rugby. (Shower sex?)

According to Wiki, the Haka is a traditional ancestral dance from the Māori people of New Zealand using the hands, arms legs, feet, eyes, voice and tongue to express courage.  Continue reading “Khal Drogo Does a Sexy Polynesian Mating Dance”

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