Zac Efron Dances With Nicole Kidman In Rain-Soaked Tighty Whities

New stills of Zac Efron in The Paperboy, which I assume is about Zac’s relationship with an older woman who enjoys the New York Times so much that she pees on him after he’s stung by an angry homophobic jellyfish, have surfaced.

In them, he’s doing what he truly does best. Rolling around on the floor, almost completely naked.

Then for unknown reasons, Nicole [Kidman] decides that he isn’t quite in erotic enough of a situation, so she pushes him outside into the pouring rain and becomes so overwhelmed by old lady horniness that she grabs his hands and starts doing a menopausal mating dance of some sort.  Continue reading “Zac Efron Dances With Nicole Kidman In Rain-Soaked Tighty Whities”

Artificial ‘Medusoid’ Jellyfish Zapped To Life

Professor Kevin Kit Parker and bioengineering researchers John Dabiri and Janna Nawroth have teamed up to create a jellyfish made of rat muscle cells. You heard right, the Medusoid jellyfish is marine science’s answer to Frankenstein.

It was “brought to life” with an electric shock and beats like a human heart, without needing batteries. This is a step that will benefit artificial hearts of the future. Dabiri says:

“Instead of heart valves made out of aluminum or plastic, they would be built out of your own biological material, your heart cells, your tissue, that makes it more biocompatable and potentially longer-lived.”

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