One Direction Band Members Jealous of Heathrow Haylor

Heathrow Haylor 1Taylor Swift is to One Direction what Yoko Ono was to The Beatles, a source tells the The Sun. According to them, Taylor is Yoko-y because Harry Styles “ditched” his bandmates in favor of a cozy private plane ride with his new girlfriend.

The article also makes a point of mentioning that Liam Payne suffered painful injuries at Heathrow airport after fighting through aggressive fans.

Five dollars on the anonymous source actually being one of the guys from One Direction.

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John Lennon’s Tooth Auctioned Off For $31,200

Once upon a time in the 60’s, John Lennon’s tooth fell out (probably in Liverpool) and he gave it to his maid, Dot Jarlett, to throw away.

By some magical turn of evens, Jarlett kept the tooth, after John’s suggested that she give it to her Beatle-fever-riddled daughter.

And there’s the reason for a woman even owning Lennon’s molar.

She didn’t pull it out in his sleep or pluck it out of his garbage, though it does look like a dirty, deformed unpopped popcorn kernel.

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