Lana Del Rey Gives British GQ Her Body In Exchange For ‘Woman Of The Year’ Title

Lana Del Rey shares the cover of British GQ’s 15th Annual Men Of The Year Awards issue with four people. She has the obvious distinction of being the only one with ovaries, ovaries she almost displays in a naked, leg-hugging embrace.

Tinie Tempah, comedian James Corden Robbie Williams, and silver fox John Slattery (Mad Men) appear on the other covers [fully clothed] in tuxedos.

Turns out, it was neither the editor-in-chief or photographer who convinced seemingly reclusive Lana to wear nothing but blue jewels on her neck and finger. It was her stylist, Johnny Blueeyes whose “support and direction was invaluable ” in the production of her cover.

I thought OTHER people couldn’t keep their clothes on in her presence. Lyrical proof: “You can’t keep your hands off me, or your pants on” #NationalAnthem