Gaga, Beyonce And Britney Parodied By Kaiser Chiefs

There are lookalikes for all three pop divas in the video for “Kinda Girl You Are,” by Leeds-based rock band Kaiser Chiefs. Lady Gaga circa 2009, hair bow and chaps included, a Beyonce that looks like a tan white girl and most realistically, the driver, Britney Spears.

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Kaiser Chiefs – The Future Is Medieval Album Review

Kaiser Chiefs burst onto the scene around the same time as heavyweights like The Killers, Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand. Their hit single “I Predict A Riot” infiltrated alternative stations nationwide, they were one of the major bands that brought us that super popular punk-influenced-drunken-indie-party-music. Loud and immersive yet simple. Their next CD after their 2005 debut Employment, 2007’s Yours Truly, Angry Mob was equally excellent and less recognized by the masses. In fact, by the time their third effort, the slightly inferior Off With Their Heads dropped, people had practically forgotten about these UK natives with their sharp-wit, and steady passive-aggression.

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