Vin Diesel Should Stick to Driving and Being Buff

Vin Diesel singingWhen I was at Universal Studios last year I saw this whole Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift thing with pyrotechnics and cars flying out of the ground, I was like, “Where the hell is Vin Diesel?”

I’m aware he wasn’t even in Tokyo Drift, but whatever. I actually like him, and the whole studio tour would have been even cooler if he had popped out of a house on Wisteria Lane waving in his Riddick glasses.

He seems fun like Bruce Willis, if Bruce was bigger and not as good at acting. He also seems fun because he unabashedly sings questionable karaokeContinue reading “Vin Diesel Should Stick to Driving and Being Buff”

The Sadist in All of us Can Appreciate ‘Killer Karaoke’ with Steve-O

Steve-O is the host of a new show where regular people are thrown into Jackass-type scenarios, while singing.

Killer Karaoke on TruTV dips its harmonizing contestants into snake tanks, slaps them with fish, removes their body hair, and forces them to navigate through the “cactus maze.”

Other tasks that include scorpions, air horns, trap doors and maggots.

Sounds like the best TV show ever, huh? The New York Times certainly thinks so (“No other phrase will do”). Based on ITV1’s Sing If You Can, Killer Karaoke airs on Fridays at 9:00 p.m.  Continue reading “The Sadist in All of us Can Appreciate ‘Killer Karaoke’ with Steve-O”

Funny Video: 50 Shades Of Grey Karaoke

I’m glad the worst book of all time, E.L. James’ erotic BDSM novel Fifty Shades Of Grey actually had some positive effect, but only in terms of humor.

What would I do without Gilbert Gottfried reading excerpts or Jimmy Fallon’s “50 Shades Of Grey Karaoke” featuring “Hot Fudge Brownie Sex,” “I Found Some Baby Oil,” and “Whores Drawers.”

Angelina Jolie Was A Child Nun (And Afro-Orc)

Thank you for digging up this unusual look at Angelina Jolie as a human being. A 12 year-old human girl in a nun’s habit in 1987 to be exact, singing none other than “New York, New York.”

Other songs include “Purple Rain” with Angie in a sombrero and “Stand By Me” in which she dons a wig complete with misaligned bozo ears.

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Evan Rachel Wood Has 150 Degree Bieber Fever

Renowned/respected actress Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen, The Wrestler) has been professing her love for Justin Bieber left and right these past few weeks. She says after she went to see Never Say Never as a joke she found herself afflicted with a highly contagious disease: Bieb Fev.

She sang “U Smile” for karaoke once and then burst out into an impressive rendition of “Baby” on Jimmy Fallon while promoting The Ides Of March. (We all know this is a perfect song for a woman to cover)…

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