Video: Bonnie McKee – “American Girl”

To promote her new single, Bonnie McKee played a little game called “How many recognizable celebrity faces can I shove into one four minute video.” The answer? …A lot.

I spy Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert and Carly Rae Jepsen – all artists McKee, an accomplished songwriting machine (“Hold It Against Me,” “Dynamite,” California Gurls” etc.) has worked with in the past.
bonnie mckee american girl music video still
But what are Kathy Griffin, Jenny McCarthy, Kiss and Tommy Lee doing here? (Of course they’re all available! “American Girl” is half starpower, half highlights from an unaired season of The Surreal Life.)

Kathy Griffin’s Bravo Talk Show ‘Kathy’ Cancelled

Kathy Griffin talk showKathy Griffin announced at a stand-up gig in Cincinnati that Bravo had put the kibosh on Kathy after two seasons because of ratings, I assume.

Or so she could be more like Anderson Cooper. (RIP Anderson Live 2011-2012.)

The hour-long talk show, which often featured segments with Kathy’s mother, had some great moments despite being disorganized. (The three-guest format works for Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross in England, but has yet to be made successful in the U.S.)

Perhaps most memorable, the time Kathy improperly pierced Aubrey Plaza’s ear.  Continue reading “Kathy Griffin’s Bravo Talk Show ‘Kathy’ Cancelled”

Kathy Griffin Sniffed Anderson Cooper’s Nuts on Live Television

Anderson Cooper Kathy Griffin New Years 2012Kathy Griffin bent over and kissed Anderson Cooper‘s crotch in
an effort to top 2011’s New Year’s Eve special on CNN. She may be the FCC’s nightmare, but Time Warner/CNN must love Griffin’s antics, considering they keep hiring her.

The ketchup to Anderson’s salt said, “I’m going to tickle your sack” as he pushed her away like a little sister with an incestual crush.

He tried to change the subject and pretend like Kathy was talking about something PG, like a sack full of Christmas presents, but she just wasn’t having it.  Continue reading “Kathy Griffin Sniffed Anderson Cooper’s Nuts on Live Television”

Kathy Griffin’s Dress Fell Off Again

Kathy Griffin joined the likes of Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love when she stripped live on his show Friday evening. Instead of jumping on his desk and flashing him, she was dared to.

After the topic of her naked New Year’s celebration with Anderson Cooper came up, Kathy said she’d “do it right now” and Dave replied “go, go ahead.” He even helped her out of her dress, and thankfully her bra never left her body.

It’s very confusing when a self-proclaimed d-list comedian begins to constantly strip and show off her new body on television.

Female nudity is not funny, unless of course it’s a fat chick.

Continue reading “Kathy Griffin’s Dress Fell Off Again”