Russell Crowe Is Not The Master And Commander Of His Kayak

Notorious male cell phone-thrower and overly dramatic actor Russell Crowe was just having too much fun on Friday when him and a friend went the wrong way in their kayaks.

Crowe and Chris Feather, owner of Riley Street Gym in Sydney, ended up around 10 miles east of their watery starting point off the coast of New York’s Long Island.  Continue reading “Russell Crowe Is Not The Master And Commander Of His Kayak”

Kayaker Emasculated By Harmless Basking Shark

A kayaker near Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Jaws was filmed just South of there) gained national attention after a photo surfaced of him being chased by what was presumed to be a great white shark.

Turns out, the finned stalker off Nauset Beach has recently been identified by a local marine biologist as a basking shark – a very large fish that feeds solely on plankton.

I bet Walter Szulc Jr. (the kayaker) is wishing said specialist would shut his mouth and let him enjoy his moment of heroic glory. Afterall, “I barely escaped from a Great White” sounds better than “Wow, thank god I outpaddled that oversized plankton-eater.”

Bam Margera Suffers Hernia After Kayaking Down A Waterfall

Bam Margera was hospitalized in Oregon after performing a tandem kayaking stunt down what he claims was a 100 foot waterfall.

He did not break any bones but did acquire a nasty hernia.

It appears that he is standing on Benson Bridge at Multnomah Falls in the picture from Twitter, but I can’t believe it was a 100 foot fall. The upper falls are listed as being 542 feet (which would have killed him) while the lower is 69. Albiqua falls in Marion County is about 100 feet so maybe that was the true location.

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