Janice Dickinson Evicted From L.A. home

What is that crazy talking plastic baseball bat Janice Dickinson up to lately? Why, getting evicted from her home of course! The supermodel and reality star (Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency was my favorite) reportedly owes $17,700 in back rent.

That’s three months of stiffed payments (at $5,900 a month) for her 3,000 square foot West LA home. Her landlords have filed a lawsuit, claiming that they gave her a three-day notice to pay or leave on May 7th and she ignored it.

Now they want her to cough up the money and get out. Does this not mirror Courtney Love’s eviction from her NY Townhome last year, but with less setting the drapes on fire, and she owed three times this amount.

If you look at it that way, Janice is responsible. A regular role model… to foster children and bugs.

‘Public Swimming Pool, White Only’ Sign, Decorative And Harmless? Mhm

Oh my fucking god, the world is coming to an end! And it’s not because asteroids are going to smash the earth’s surface like pizza dough or because we are going to drown in melted ice cap water and polar bear fur. It’s because it’s 2012 and some people are actually still more homophobic, sexist and racist than you can fathom.

Ignorance is not bliss, in the case of a female landlord in Cincinnati who put up a “Public Swimming Pool, White Only” sign on the gate outside her apartment complex’s swimming pool and claimed that a black girl’s hair products had made the water cloudy.

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