Joe Pesci Gave Jonah Hill a Rectal Exam

Jonah Hill butt fingers storyThere are only a handful of men as weird and wonderful (and elusive) as Joe Pesci, right? I mean there’s Bill Murray… Sean Penn, maybe? And that’s really it.

Mobster extraordinaire and two-time Home Alone villain Pesci recently approached Jonah Hill at The Wolf Of Wall Street premiere to give him some sage advice about getting a swollen ego and allowing people to over-sing his praises.

“He goes, ‘You’re great in the movie, kid, I’m really proud of you.’ And I’m like, ‘Thank you, your acting means so much to me,'” Hill told Jimmy Fallon. “And he goes, ‘Here’s what I want you to do: I want you to go buy a helmet.’ And I go, ‘okay…'”  Continue reading “Joe Pesci Gave Jonah Hill a Rectal Exam”

Video: Miley Sings “We Can’t Stop” Acapella With Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

Not a fan of Miley Cyrus‘ “We Can’t Stop”? Fret not, here’s an instrument-less version with The Roots + Miley giving Jimmy Fallon suspicious looks during the parts about big butts and strip clubs.

Many YouTube users seems surprised that Miley “can actually sing.” (I’m not entirely convinced.)

The chipmunk-gone-haywire also provided whacking material for Terry Richardson and co. in various provocative poses much to the dismay of her penpal, Sinead O’Connor.  Continue reading “Video: Miley Sings “We Can’t Stop” Acapella With Jimmy Fallon and The Roots”

Michele Bachmann Walks Onto Jimmy Fallon Show To ‘Lyin’ Ass Bitch’

On Monday a slightly controversial guest appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. As she entered the room for her interview The Roots blasted the Fishbone song “Lyin’ Ass Bitch.”

Besides that, the interview seemed to go okay, besides Fallon’s poor Minnesota accent and Bachmann’s replies to the “one word” game. To the name Obama she chose “finished” and to her own she picked “president.” Hmm, straight forward enough.

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Beyonce Does ‘Countdown’ With The Roots

If you’re wondering why she didn’t perform “Party,” her more recent single, it’s because this episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon was taped several months ago, in July. No clue why it took so long for them to air it.

It did seem suspicious, how not-pregnant Beyonce looks, and how much energy she has. Is she sucking the vitamins out of her fetus, or what? I hope it has enough energy to come out awake, cause Jay and B are going to expect it to serenade them with covers of “Big Pimpin” and “Bootylicious” upon arrival.

The baby was of course, announced at the end of August, so in this video Beyonce is hardly pregnant. What a letdown. Oh well, she remains superhuman.

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