Michelle Obama Makes an Otherwise Boring Meeting With the Miami Heat Interesting

Everyone knows Ms. Bama and her husband are super active and into basketball, football, hell, all the ball sports, and during a visit with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Ray Allen, coach Erik Spoelstra, 50-year-old Michelle Obama showed impressive jumping and dunking skills in the background of an otherwise boring talk between Wade, Allen and the coach. The toothy faces her and LeBron make after the dunk might have you wishing for a buddy comedy starring the two of them as boisterous siblings or longtime besties coping with adulthood.

Gahhh. Michelle Obama is so fucking adorable. If she wasn’t so obsessed with abolishing fast food / shoving apple slices in everyone’s mouths I would want her to adopt me.

LeBron James Has a Six Pack

LeBron James six pack LeBron James is having a great week. A few days after posting a picture of his 28-year-old abs murdering the weight room, Kobe Bryant murdered his 34-year-old Achilles’ heel along with his career.

Arch rival and five-time NBA championship winner Bryant wrote that he was “Lookin like Mrs Doubtfire with a jerri curl cap” right before entering surgery.

Mrs. Doubtfire in a shower cap or LeBron in the gym? Tough choice.

LeBron James Whines Like a Little Girl With a Broken Doll After End of 27-Game Winning Streak

LeBron James post game interviewEgomaniac baby LeBron James is having a hard week. On Wednesday, the Chicago Bulls put an end to the Miami Heat’s lengthy streak – one rivaled only by Wilt Chamberlain’s ’71-’72 Lakers. To add insult to injury, James narrowly avoided having the headband snatched directly off his dome by an eager fan. The disappointed king vented his frustrations in a post-game interview, calling the streak “one of the best this league has ever seen.”

In the locker room, the LeBron I remember from the infamous 2010 press conference appeared, saying things like “Let me calculate my thoughts real fast” and “I don’t know if I like that question.”

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Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [1-26-13]

LeBron James hugLeBron James tackles and suffocates fan after half-court shot victory. (Yahoo!)

Ottawa venue employee calls police over Justin Bieber‘s Nerf Gun. (TMZ)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel in the works. (Huffington Post)

Man who wrote Armageddon officially directing Star Wars VII. (Celebuzz)

Black men with criminal records not welcome on American Idol(Jezebel)

Superheroes pick, scratch and poop in “Secret Hero Life.” (Grouchy Muffin)

Beyonce scats at the inauguration in the latest Bad Lip Reading video. (ONTD!)

Michelle Obama Hugged The Entire U.S. Olympic Basketball Team And The Williams Sisters

The cutest thing you’ll ever see besides kittens on YouTube has to be pictures of Michelle Obama hugging the men’s basketball team at the 2012 Olympics. If we’re judging Michelle’s favoritism based on how big she smiled for each player – LeBron James wins.

She looked the least happy to be embracing the Knicks’ Tyson Chandler but the boredom left her face when Kobe and LeBron approached her on Sunday after beating France in the preliminaries.

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Game – The R.E.D. Album Review

Notable West Coast-revival rapper Game (formerly The Game) is the proud father of a fourth CD, his first since 2008’s LAX. With his tattoo-body advertising (Converse, Hurricane Shoes, Dodgers) multiple arrests and Grammy nominations, Game is looking to regain the spotlight, though perhaps it is a spotlight he never really had.

While he may have been certified platinum for his well-respected debut The Documentary, his level of recognition has not spiked since. He looks to do just that with The R.E.D Album, his first album to be released when he himself is not surrounded by controversy – whether it be assault charges, lawsuits or beefs with other artists. The question is, does he have “the game,” to be successful without all the non-musical hype?

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Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Lebron Dissed in New Game Track

August 15th, a new track from Game (formerly The Game) was leaked onto YouTube. The song, “Martians Vs. Goblins,” from his upcoming R.E.D Album has guest vocals from Lil’ Wayne and Tyler, The Creator.

The song disses several major names in the business including Rihanna (something about snatching her up and throwing her “in front of a fuckin’ train?”)

And Bruno Mars, dissed by Tyler, The Creator for “Sucking dick and fucking male butts in the same closet where Tyler Perry gets his clothes from.”

And Miami Heat star LeBron James, dissed by Tyler, “Fall back like Lebron’s hairline against the Mavericks” and Game, who mentions boning Lebron’s mother while Delonte West (former LeBron/Cavaliers teammate) videotapes it?

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