Lindsay Lohan Flogs David Letterman With Vicious Eyes and Bee-Stung Lips

Lindsay Lohan David Letterman 2013Active volcano Lindsay Lohan almost erupted at David Letterman last night when he veered from talk of Scary Movie 5 and Anger Management to *gasp* ask her about what’s actually going on in her life.

Lohan puffed out her lips and rolled her eyes a little less when she finally realized that she could get him to shut up by answering vaguely, without actually addressing any of her problems.

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Anna Kendrick Is Very Talented

I know what you’re going to tell me after you watch the video below. “But Hallie, Anna Kendrick is just singing and tapping a cup on a table,” you’ll say in a whiney voice. And I’ll be like “Listen bitch…”

No I won’t, I won’t say any such thing, but I will tell you that I’m going off of a little more than Anna’s cup trick and performance in Pitch Perfect (which I refuse to see in the theaters, because let’s face it, I love Glee but you couldn’t pay me to see the Glee concert movie on the big screen either).

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Children’s Theater Photos Of Emma Stone

While making the rounds for Spider-Man promotion, Emma Stone dropped by Letterman on Monday.

He showed some pictures that I’d never seen from her days at the Valley Youth Theatre.

At grade school age Emma was in no less than 16 productions at the theatre, located in Phoenix, Arizona. She told the Late Show host:

“You’ll notice that in most of the photos, it just consists of me going [makes surprised face].”

And those surprised faces are melting the frosty fossilized onyx that resides in my chest.

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The Creepiest Band Of 2012, Die Antwoord

The Die Antwoord (translation: “the answer”) music video for “I Fink U Freeky” dropped January 31. It is the song most recognizably tied to the South African trio’s second album, Ten$Ion. The band was also featured in a spread within the latest Rolling Stone plus appeared on Letterman day before yesterday.

They are the most eccentric and eerie band that I’ve ever seen on mainstream television. Their co-singer is a little girl called Yo-Landi Vi$$e (who’s actually 35) with a high-pitched voice, black contacts and contrasting white-blonde Robynesque hair.

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