Trailer: The Anna Nicole Story

The trailer for The Anne Nicole Story sums up the Playboy model, actress, reality star and TrimSpa spokeswoman’s life into 60 seconds of lingerie, pills, alcohol, clown makeup and disturbed looks from her son who passed away in 2006, just a year before Anne Nicole Smith’s tragic overdose.  Continue reading “Trailer: The Anna Nicole Story”

‘Liz & Dick’ Trailer Finally Shows Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor In Motion

The trailer for the latest movie Lindsay Lohan is using as a vehicle to revitalize her career is out. You know, the one that won’t be in theaters, where she plays sad, unglamorous low-budget Lifetime Elizabeth Taylor? Liz & Dick.

My favorite part of this 30-second collage of crazy Lindsay pretending to be crazy someone else is when she’s asked, or rather told, that she just ended her fourth marriage and she (Lohanibeth) snidely responds with a gasp and a “Who’s counting?!”

It’s especially funny because that would probably her actual reply to a person who brought up the number of times she’s been arrested, though maybe she’s actually forgotten (we all have, is it 6 or 16?).

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Jewel As June Carter Cash In Yet Another Lifetime Biopic

So, I’ve bombarded you with pictures of Andre 3000 as Jimmy Hendrix, Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor. Maybe it’s too much, but here’s something to chase the bitter image of Lindsay’s sad attempt to not be a freckled skeleton wrapped in leather right out of your head…

Jewel looking pretty and fresh as June Carter Cash in a Lifetime biopic based on the book Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash. 

Last week, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins was cast as Iggy Pop in the CBGB. I happen to think Jewel as June is better casting even though they don’t look that much alike. Reese Witherspoon didn’t either and still did a great job.

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Lindsay Lohan Should’ve Played OLD Liz Taylor

The last movie Lindsay Lohan was in was 2010’s Machete. To put it nicely, she is rusty, in more ways than one.

There is now a photo of her in the role of a Lifetime (literally, the channel), as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick.

To quote Pajiba, “Lindsay Lohan looks just like what you’d expect from an actress playing Liz Taylor in a LIFETIME MOVIE” a “low-rent, store-brand, ribbon-cutting ceremony impersonator that you could rent out for $20 an event.” 70% of nearly 100,000 TMZ readers agreed that the resemblance is “nonexistent.”

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Houston Family Reality Show On The Way

Way to capitalize on your recently lost and excruciatingly famous family member. Cissy Houston and Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston‘s mother and daughter, are set to star in a 10 episode reality show. The working title is The Houston Family Chronicles.

The show will run in late 2012 on the Lifetime channel and will focus on the bonding process of Whitney’s relatives in their time of grief, with cameras following them everywhere but the bathroom? Wicked smart.

Other key figures will include Houston’s brother Gary and her longtime manager and sister-in-law Pat and her teen daughter who I assume is friends with Bobbi Kristina? Bobby Brown is not reported to be involved though I’m sure he’ll make an appearance.  Continue reading “Houston Family Reality Show On The Way”

How Dare They Change Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Boobs!!

Someone went ahead and altered a promotional photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt for the Lifetime tv-movie turned show The Client List to make her boobs look smaller and more covered.

Hewitt plays a mother who gives happy endings, which is already pretty spectacular. I would almost watch it based solely on that description if I hadn’t seen part of the Golden-Globe nominated movie.

Sadly it’s similar to Ghost Whisperer in that it never goes full retard, forever stuck somewhere between taking itself seriously and going consciously into Broken Lizard’s so-good-it’s-bad format.  Continue reading “How Dare They Change Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Boobs!!”