‘Lion King 3D’ Sings Its Way To Top Of Box Office, Tune of $30 Million

After numerous blogs and years after the rebirth of 3D, people have been saying that it is “on the decline,” though there’s one movie this week that begs to differ.

James Cameron proved with Avatar, that if done right, the technology can bring in buckets of cash and asses in their respective red seats.

Alas, that was back in 2009, and again people called 3D a thing of the past, pointing critically at the box office while quoting statistics.

The Lion King 3D is the film here to tell disbelievers (again) that only Mufasa is the only one who is dead, and not 3D. This famous 1994 Disney flick, starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas and James Earl Jones, had the second highest opening for a re-release in cinema history…

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‘Top Gun’ Is Latest For 3D Theater Release

The  1986 cult classic Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer will be the latest to receive a 3D re-release for the big screen.

It joins the ranks of several other upcoming 3D releases of classic movies, with Lion King 3D opening this week and Titanic and Star Wars: Episode I set for release in 2012.

Top Gun will be released on an undisclosed date, in early 2012.