Dancing Shark is Real Super Bowl Winner

katy perry shark memeEven two years later, nothing beats Beyonce’s unflattering Super Bowl photos, but Katy Perry’s out-of-sync dancing shark, Wiimote and lion are trying their best.

Like the Packers against the Seahawks in the playoffs, Seattle had the game completely in the bag but failed, deciding to pass the ball at the end of the 4th with the end zone just inches from Marshawn Lynch’s face. Tom Brady jumped for joy as Russell Wilson threw the game-losing interception to Malcolm Butler, ending it at 28 to 24.  Continue reading “Dancing Shark is Real Super Bowl Winner”

Lady Gaga Gets Live STD and Eaten by Lion in New Die Antwoord Video

When someone showed me this “Fatty Boom Boom” video, I legit thought it was a real Lady GaGa video. The transvestite is surprisingly accurate.

South African hip hop/rave/rap group Die Antwoord has yet another bizarre video, but due to their newfound international fame, the band is incorporating some American media.

Fatty Boom Boom is actually their lightest most colourful work considering most of their videos take place in dumpsters and the crevice between your ballsack and upper thigh.  Continue reading “Lady Gaga Gets Live STD and Eaten by Lion in New Die Antwoord Video”

Funny Video: Lion Tries To Eat Baby

You might be saying to yourself, ‘Why, Ms. Madenski, a vicious African predator trying to disembowel a child is no laughing matter!” And I would say, YEAH IT IS. And I wasn’t the one who originally thought that, the kid’s parents did.

And look at the little guy, mocking the lioness, safe and sound. I actually feel bad for her, she’s the one who’s hungry and taunted. This all went down at Washington Park Zoo, a place I’ve frequented hundreds of times in my hometown of Portland, Oregon.  Continue reading “Funny Video: Lion Tries To Eat Baby”

Simba Peed On Chad Ochocinco

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was sprayed by a lion on Saturday night at a Voices for Children charity event in Miami while he was out with his wife, Evelyn Lozada, and former teammate Darrell Revis.

He wrote on his Twitter that he was wearing his fancy church clothes and that we wasn’t even standing that close. (“He sprayed like a water gun.”)

Ochocinco also seemed upset that the lion spared his Basketball Wives star spouse from the urine waterfall.

Continue reading “Simba Peed On Chad Ochocinco”

Video: Eugene McGuinness – “Lion”

British artist Eugene McGuinness has an album (The Invitation To The Voyage) due very soon, any week now, in fact. The Domino Records artist tells fans to think outside the box, comparing the sound to Abba, Prince and Bowie.

“Lion” is a single from Voyage which sounds more like pre-famecrash Killers or Interpol than Abba or Prince, but I’ll take his word for it. 

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