Current Photos of Actress Daveigh Chase Will Make You a Lot Less Afraid of ‘The Ring’

Daveigh Chase sexy I was in high school when The Ring came out. It was the first time in a decade everyone was talking about a horror movie in the same way I imagine they were when The Shining or Psycho debuted, and also the first time I was afraid of a common object (the TV).

All this thanks to a performance from Daveigh Chase, who played the nightmare-inducing Samara in the 2002 American remake of Ringu.

Now that I’m, uh, not 16, and Chase is 24, blonde and a frequent poster of sexy pictures on Instagram, I think we can all rest easy. (Or easier, at least?)
girl from the ring all grown up Now if only someone would post a photo of the horses from The Ring alive and well in an Easter-themed pasture somewhere dressed as My Little Ponies or unicorns…

Little Girl Figures Out Gender-Oriented Consumerism

Unlike the little girl who is causing an adorable ruckus on Youtube (1,376,020 views and counting) I never actually verbally recognized that toy stores were laid out in a very specific manner, one that almost warns boys and girls to stay on their respected “sides,” the caution tape in the form of hundreds of pink and blue boxes, in separate aisles.

I did however, care little about the pink aisle and only went through a year-long phase of being on good terms with Barbie when I was in third grade. Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, Legos (the castles and pirate ones) and G.I. Joes were legitimately cooler and more elaborate.

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Nicki Minaj Sings ‘Super Bass’ With Tiny Fan, Sophia Grace

After an adorable 8 year-old Nicki Minaj fan sang “Super Bass” in a widely-viewed video on YouTube, the tiny British girl and her “hype woman” appeared on Ellen with a very special surprise.

Nicki came out, picked her up off the ground, called her a “superstar” and rapped with her before urging her to stay in school regardless of her epic talents. NM couldn’t even keep up with the pink-dress wearing, tiara-toting phenom!…

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