Funny Video: Granny Sh*t Talks While Playing GTA V

In case you hadn’t heard, everyone and their grandma, apparently, are playing GTA V this month.

There’s parachuting, “Grand Theft Auto hell” for bad sports who blow up personal vehicles and a $500,000 stimulus package that no one needs because everyone’s making virtual millions using car-selling glitches.

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Sexy Ghosts are all the Rage this Halloween

sexy ghost halloween costumeI stumbled upon this photo today on Facebook and couldn’t resist posting because it completely summarizes my feelings on girl Halloween costumes.

Now you’ve seen it all. Sexy Crayons, sexy treasure trolls, and now sexy ghosts. (I’m still waiting on sexy Obama. Just the mask and bikini.)

Never have I ever wanted to retreat to my bedroom with a box of insulin needles and a two and a half bag of candy corn more.

Please, please, please stay classy this October, kill yourself.

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GIF: Nicolas Cage Wrecks Balls Better Than Miley

Nicolas Cage as miley wrecking ball
Nearly everyone’s commented on the Wrecking Ball video featuring Miley Cyrus naked in what looks like a construction site from an unfinished shareware game, everyone, that is, except Nicolas Cage.

The man’s been a witch and treasure hunter, a ghost, a detective, and now he’s Miley in this amazing GIF submitted to Imgur yesterday by user EarlSweatshirt.  Continue reading “GIF: Nicolas Cage Wrecks Balls Better Than Miley”

Funny Video: 100-Year-Old Woman Possessed By D*cks (NSFW)

Yeahhhhh you’re in for a surprise if you thought the word “d*cks” all censored like that could possibly stand for “ducks.” In the video, we see a centenarian sitting in a room surrounded by her children and grandkids talking to a local reporter about her obsession, and it’s not embroidery or orchids…

Her daughter attempts to get her to talk about all the nice things she’s done with her life, but the woman just has dick on the brain because she’s f*cking 100-years-old and can pretty much say whatever she wants.
how's your dick hanging meme
If I had an extra year of my life for every time this old lady talks about dick, I’d live to be 120…