Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [8-14-12]

Michael Phelps in a speedo, this time it’s for Louis Vuitton. [SF Gate]

Residents of Bellingham do not want to share their Costco with Canadians. [Huffington Post]

Anderson Cooper and talk show host Andy Cohen are vacationing together. [Gawker]

Be jealous. Everyone in Colorado is skinny. [Yahoo!]

Chad Johnson’s wife beats Kim at short marriage game, divorces after 41 days. [NY Daily News]

Thank you Brad Paisley for knocking Scotty McCreery off the stage. [Us Weekly]

Christina Aguilera has purple(ish) hair. [Reality TV Magazine]

Pennsylvania woman poisons husband with Visine. [The Record Herald]

17-foot-snake discovered in the Everglades (good thing I already had no desire to visit). [L.A. Times]

Rest in peace Welcome Back, Kotter’s Ron Palillo [People]