Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [9-16-12]

Britney Spears spotted in her natural Malibu habitat. (Gossip Center)

Watch a video of Lady Gaga getting an angel tattoo on her head. (NME)

Reality stars who you may not have known were on reality shows. (Yahoo!)

Italian publication dedicates 26 pages to naked Kate Middleton. (Celebuzz)

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds still in love after the wedding. (ONTD!)

Lord have mercy, Kim Kardashian has a new pet. (E! Online)

Theaters enlist ninjas to shut up noisy movie theater patrons. (Mashable)

Anti-Islam filmmaker should have been banned from Paramount. (Huffington Post)

Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson are back together, says unreliable British tabloid. (Gawker)

Cher, Do You Believe in Mask After Mask?

Cher was seen out in L.A. a few days ago wearing this a lovely green facial mask and a pink tracksuit (above) then once before on August 21st 2011 relaxing in her car in Malibu with what I assume to be the same face-mask on.

Cher is known for being quirky and uncaring towards paparazzi, visuals of her doing odd things are always popping up…

Though I can’t imagine putting sunglasses over my itchy/dry avocado mask, with my tracksuit, going outside a look of surprise when my 65 year-old face ends up in the tabloids with a damn Wizard Of Oz witch mask on…

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