One Direction Ruin Blondie and The Undertones in One Fell Swoop

Harry Styles one way or anotherArizona is frozen, Australia is burning, it’s raining spiders in Brazil, there’s snow on the beaches of Croatia, a 10,000 ton meteor hit Russia and One Direction did a mash-up of “One Way Or Another” and “Teenage Kicks.”

Taylor Swift’s babyfaced ex singing not one but two iconic new wave songs written about 20 years before he was born has to be the most frightening sign of the coming apocalypse. (Though maybe he relates to that whole being stalked theme?)

I remember Glee and Angelica from The Rugrats ruining “One Way Or Another” on separate occasions. And dwarfy Billie Joe Armstrong didn’t have to squat too low for The Undertones’ classic… But this is a goddamn musical snuff double feature! Continue reading “One Direction Ruin Blondie and The Undertones in One Fell Swoop”

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [11-19-12]

PSY teams up with MC Hammer at AMAs for “2 Legit 2 Gangnam Style” mash-up. (Billboard)

After a long day of work, Ke$ha says fuck it, relaxes at the strip club. (Evil Beet)

Anderson Cooper shook by explosion in Gaza, was merely the largest “in the past hour.” (Pajiba)

Don’t flatter Anthony Hopkins. It’s disgusting. (Huffington Post)

CNN and Piers Morgan show photo of sexy drag queen instead of Whitney Houston. (TMZ)

Porn star James Deen says the Lohan PAPARAZZI aren’t respectful?? (ohmyGAHH!)

Brandon Roy scheduled for 7th knee surgery, is probably done with basketball forever. (Deadspin)

Madonna Will Perform ‘Express Yourself’ And ‘Born This Way’ Mashup During MDNA Tour

I think Lady Gaga‘s presence is a sort of fire under Madonna‘s open-air chaps. There’s respect, but also a deep-rooted sense of trodden territory. That became apparent when “Born This Way” came out.

Madonna called it “interesting” and “reductive” saying that it was a wonderful way to redo her song “Express Yourself” with a few easily recognizable chord changes.

Some naughty soul caught Madge in the act of rehearsing in Tel Aviv and leaked the footage of her doing a mesh-up of the two songs. Before you jump to conclusions, this is something I’m sure she approved with Gaga.  Continue reading “Madonna Will Perform ‘Express Yourself’ And ‘Born This Way’ Mashup During MDNA Tour”