Taylor Swift’s G-Rated Date With A Kennedy

Taylor Swift has either suddenly become really good friends with Robert Jr.’s son Conor Kennedy, or they’re dating. They spent the entire weekend in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts and were photographed eating pizza together, laughing, and holding hands.

Sorry for the Disney-friendly nature of this story. I know you were expecting more news about Kristen Stewart banging old guys in Mini Coopers, but you’re out of luck. Taylor Swift drinking Coca-Cola on the beach with a Kennedy will have to suffice.

And what do we know about Conor Richardson besides that he’s the equivalent of American royalty? Well, the kid is 18 (looks 16), has curly hair, wears Hawaiian shorts and is cousin to Patrick Schwarzenegger, who Swift was linked to in early July. Continue reading “Taylor Swift’s G-Rated Date With A Kennedy”

Kayaker Emasculated By Harmless Basking Shark

A kayaker near Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Jaws was filmed just South of there) gained national attention after a photo surfaced of him being chased by what was presumed to be a great white shark.

Turns out, the finned stalker off Nauset Beach has recently been identified by a local marine biologist as a basking shark – a very large fish that feeds solely on plankton.

I bet Walter Szulc Jr. (the kayaker) is wishing said specialist would shut his mouth and let him enjoy his moment of heroic glory. Afterall, “I barely escaped from a Great White” sounds better than “Wow, thank god I outpaddled that oversized plankton-eater.”

I’ll Take My Sunblock Without The Side Of HELLFIRE Please

Queue the ‘banana don’t” jokes – a man in Massachusetts was severely burned while attending to his barbecue briquettes after applying spray-on Banana Boat sunscreen.

Seconds after the man (Brett Sigworth) rubbed it on his body, the flames went up his arm, back and neck. “I went into complete panic mode and screamed,” he told CBS Boston. “I’ve never experienced pain like that in my life.”

Sigworth is not suing the company, only wishing that they’d put clearer labels on their product which says “flammable, don’t use near heat, flame or while burning.”  Continue reading “I’ll Take My Sunblock Without The Side Of HELLFIRE Please”

Mark & Donnie Wahlberg’s “Wahlburgers” Restaurant

Mark, Donnie and Paul (the unknown chef brother) Wahlberg are opening a burger restaurant in Boston. The brothers already operate the well-known Italian restaurant Alma Nove, and have plans to also start their own pizzeria next Spring.

Wahlburgers will open across from Alma Nove, at Hingham Shipyard in Boston Massachusetts and will include outdoor and indoor seating that can accommodate around 120 guests.

I wonder if the burgers will be named after Mark Wahlberg movies? Or  Marky Mark songs, or New Kids On The Block songs! Oh my god…

Continue reading “Mark & Donnie Wahlberg’s “Wahlburgers” Restaurant”